WWE News: Dolph Ziggler’s Heel Turn Against John Cena To Take Place At Hell In A Cell?

On the season finale of Total Divas, Dolph Ziggler told Nikki Bella, his former girlfriend, that he wanted to get back together with him. The WWE has created storylines on WWE TV from Total Divas before, so this wasn’t a foreign concept. From that scene alone, a Ziggler vs. John Cena feud was coming. For those that don’t watch the show, Cena and Nikki Bella are in a relationship.

Following the episode of Total Divas, WWE Raw showcased a main event between John Cena and Big E. The New Day got involved, so the match ended in a disqualification. Before Big E accepted the U.S. Open Challenge, the New Day dragged Ziggler out with them to the ramp.

Dolph Ziggler New Day WWE

It was to insinuate that they beat him down backstage, as Ziggler’s music hit to answer Cena before the New Day ever came out. Right after the match ended, Ziggler came back out to help Cena against Xavier Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston. Ziggler went for a superkick, but hit Cena on accident. That was the first step towards their inevitable feud.

Fast forward one week, Ziggler answered John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge last night. In a fantastic bout, Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment for the victory. While they didn’t allude to anything immediately, this feud is far from over. According to What Culture and Wrestling Observer Radio, Dolph Ziggler is set to turn heel against John Cena very soon.

“The heel turn could also involve Ziggler teaming with Summer Rae against a babyface team of Lana and Rusev, in a continuation of that narrative. The turn could happen on next week’s Hell In A Cell go-home Raw, or maybe it will be saved for Hell In A Cell itself. Upon Cena’s return in December, the rivalry with Ziggler would then be renewed.”

For those that are big fans of Dolph Ziggler, this may lead up to a victory for the United States championship against the 15-time WWE champion. Before any of this happened, Ziggler was engulfed in a long-term program with Rusev, Lana, and Summer Rae.

It finally ended a few weeks ago, when Summer Rae asked Rusev to marry him. Lana’s injury also aided in the completion of the feud, but that didn’t help Ziggler get out of a mid-card feud he didn’t deserve to be in. Much like Cesaro, Ziggler was always under-utilized for the talent he possessed.

In fact, the WWE Universe had adored Ziggler for a number of years. The WWE just hasn’t seen him as a main event star. At Survivor Series last year, it appeared like the WWE was getting behind Ziggler. His performance during the traditional six-man tag-team match was a big clue.

Dolph Ziggler Survivor Series 2014 WWE

His momentum only lasted a few weeks before being sent back to the mid-card. Like any true competitor, Ziggler made the most of it. He even signed a new WWE contract before SummerSlam. There’s still time for the 35-year-old to capture his first WWE World Heavyweight championship. Perhaps he can show off on his way to the United States championship.

Before his program with Cena began, he was asked by Sam Roberts about stepping on any toes, when talking about his encounter with Nikki Bella. Ziggler said that Attitude Era guys told him not to worry about that, so the former Intercontinental champion is doing exactly what those legends said to him. He’s going to do whatever he can to make it to the top.

Getting through John Cena is the first step. Before Cena heads off to start his reality fitness show on the Fox Network, he’s going to put over Dolph Ziggler. This will be Ziggler’s first championship in the WWE since his Intercontinental title victory against Luke Harper at TLC in 2014. Due to the success Cena’s had as U.S. champion, it’s Ziggler’s time to shine with the U.S. belt in the WWE.

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