Katy Perry Heading To Des Moines For Hillary Clinton Rally

Katy Perry played a big role in gathering supporters for President Barack Obama’s election, and now she’s back to help out Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced the good news on Saturday. On October 24, 30-year-old Perry will be rallying in downtown Des Moines before the Democratic presidential candidate attends the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner. The rally will help bring together supporters of Clinton and give the presidential hopeful’s campaign a chance to recruit volunteers as well. The dinner will act as a major fundraiser for the Democratic party as well. But why Des Moines?

Iowa is the first critical state in the presidential nomination selection, and Clinton’s stop is essential if she wants to win the Iowa caucuses.

As previously stated, this isn’t Perry’s first political endeavor. In 2012, Perry played at numerous events for Obama’s campaign, using her star power to attract voters and donning patriotic garb that Perry had designed herself. Perry’s appearances brought out the younger voters, a huge demographic. Perry also performed at Obama’s second Inauguration, as well as the Kid’s Inaugural Ball.

Perry, who was raised in a very conservative Christian home, has generally kept politics out of her music, but that rule doesn’t apply to social media. Perry has used the social media platform to discuss her stance on politics, including the president’s signature reform on health care, reaching out to her 76.3 million followers — yes, Perry has more followers than the president himself. Perry is also very outspoken for her stance on gay rights and was even slammed for promoting a “homosexual agenda” at this year’s Super Bowl.

The Des Moines rally will be Perry’s first appearance for the 2016 campaign, but her support for Clinton is already common knowledge. Perry’s Instagram photo, taken at a stop on Clinton’s book tour for her book Hard Choices, features a caption that boasts Perry “told [Clinton] that I would write her a ‘theme’ song if she needs it.” Clinton, of course, responded.

Perry’s year-and-a-half-long tour to promote her album Prism will wrap up on October 18, just in time for Perry to jump in and help with Clinton’s campaign. Not that Clinton needs it; she is the in the lead in the race for the Democratic presidential candidate nod. However, Clinton has some pressure from Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has also won endorsements from a number of musicians, including the majority of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but none with an influence as great as Perry’s.

Perry was approached by CNN Opinion to give an example of what question she would ask the candidates at tonight’s debate if she had a chance.

“With the GOP crusade to defund Planned Parenthood momentarily deflated, how do you intend to consistently protect American women seeking the legal, affordable health care that they so desperately require?”

The Des Moines event will be free to the public although registration is encouraged. You can register here. Details such as location, time, etc. will be released in the coming days.

[Featured image by Katy Perry/KatyPerryVEVO/YouTube]

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