David Bowie Cancels Plans To Return To The Stage … Permanently

David Bowie, The Next Day

David Bowie will be disappointing millions of fans with the latest news that he will never again grace another stage to perform a concert, leaving those vast audiences to appreciate Bowie’s music through multimedia offerings.

Booking Agent John Giddings Confirms David Bowie’s Retirement

David Bowie, Labyrinth

While Bowie hasn’t toured since 2004, fans have long held out hope for the possibility that Bowie might return with at least one more farewell tour, but Giddings says that just isn’t in the cards. David has made his intention to retire from touring very clear.

“David [Bowie] is one of the best artists I’ve ever worked with. But every time I see him now, before I even speak to him, he goes, ‘I’m not touring’ and I say, ‘I’m not asking… He has decided to retire and, like Phil Collins, you can’t demand these people go out there again and again and again.”

Billboard reports that a medical emergency ended David Bowie’s 2004 tour prematurely and that the “Space Oddity” singer has since kept to himself, avoiding every public engagement meant to entice Bowie to return to appearing at public engagements.

That last 2004 engagement ended with David appearing at the Isle Of Wight Festival in the U.K. The festival is held yearly and, although it was started in 1968 as a counterculture event, it has since blossomed into a popular music festival.

That emergency resulted in Bowie receiving an emergency angioplasty to relieve an “acutely blocked artery,” as reported by David’s publicist in 2004.

David Bowie, now 68 years old, has been long admired for his contributions to rock and roll, with his first hit, “Space Oddity,” reaching as high as the top five in the UK Singles Chart in 1969. Bowie experimented with a number of styles, before he returned to the limelight with his new alter ego Ziggy Stardust and the first hit from the The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars album, “Starman.”

As David continued on his musical career path, he proved himself capable of reinventing himself with each generation, expanding his influence with a smattering of film roles, like the much revered Labyrinth(1986), and a long line of hit albums.

David Bowie May Not Tour, But He Still Records New Albums

David Bowie

While David Bowie may have cancelled any plans for future tours, the “Young Americans” singer is anything but idle, having been kept busy with television projects as well as David’s own music. To start with, David has been working steadily on television and film projects with his most recent endeavor having been writing and performing the theme song for The Last Panthers, entitled “Blackstar.”

The Last Panthers is a crime drama scheduled to debut November 12 on WGN America.

“I was looking for one of the icons of my youth to write the music for the title sequence, but was presented with a God,” said The Last Panthers director Johan Renck of David’s contribution. “[Bowie’s] first response was precise, engaged and curious.”

Bowie’s most recent album, The Next Day, was released in 2013 and has since sparked new rumors that there might be a David Bowie tour in the offering. NME reports that those Bowie tour rumors prompted Geddings to come forward with his statements regarding David’s retirement.

The Next Day is David Bowie’s first album of new material in ten years.

Coming so late in Bowie’s career, the album was a surprise to fans and critics alike and the album was received well to say the least. The Next Day provided Bowie with his first number one album in the U.K., since the 1993 album Black Tie White Noise.

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