Shannon Beador Says Vicki Gunvalson Is A Liar With ‘Cruel’ And ‘Appalling’ Behavior

Shannon Beador is calling out Vicki Gunvalson. On Monday night, as The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 finale episode aired, Shannon tweeted to call Vicki a “liar.” On her blog, Shannon went even further by saying that Vicki’s behavior toward her was “cruel” and “appalling.”

The finale episode featured Tamra Judge’s baptism and subsequent party. On the way to the event, Shannon expressed anxiousness over seeing Vicki for the first time since their lunch. Shannon was nervous because at that lunch, Vicki cried and criticized her for bringing up the subject of the other women questioning Brooks’ cancer diagnoses. Vicki got upset that Shannon told her that she should provide medical proof of Brooks’ cancer to finally end the speculation and questions. While Shannon thought that she was helping Vicki put an end to the drama, Vicki thought that Shannon was betraying her by bringing up the subject and saying she should show proof.

As Shannon feared, things did not go well between her and Vicki at the baptism party. At the party, Rhonda, Vicki’s brother’s girlfriend, told Shannon that Vicki did not ask to see the records when she thought that her husband, David Beador, was cheating on her.

Shannon exploded at that moment. She marched over to Vicki, grabbed her on the arm and lashed into her.

“Vicki, thank you so much for being a true friend and not telling anybody my secrets because your friend just said a lot of stuff about my past! That you would tell her what’s going on in my life, thank you! Thank you! You’re such a great friend!”

Shannon told the other housewives that Vicki had told her friend about David’s affair and that Vicki’s friend blasted the information for everyone at the party to know.

In an interview, Vicki defended herself by saying that it wasn’t like she told a secret. Vicki said that Shannon had already told Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge about David’s affair. Vicki added that she told her brother and his girlfriend what Shannon was going through because they were all in Mexico together last year.

Shannon Beador is calling Vicki Gunvalson’s defense “BS.” Shannon tweeted that Vicki didn’t know that Tamra and Heather knew about the affair until several days after the party.

Tamra tweeted that what Shannon is saying is true.

While Shannon’s tweet received a lot of supportive comments, it also received a lot of negative ones. Many people told Shannon that she shouldn’t have been so upset, considering that she and David have openly talked about his affair on the show.

Shannon defended herself by clarifying that at the time of filming the party, no one knew about the affair except for Tamra and Heather, who were told the information just days before.

On her blog, Shannon reiterated that Vicki, at the time of filming the baptism party, did not know that anyone else knew of the affair and thus did spill the secret, betraying her trust.

“I would like to be very clear about this point. VICKI THOUGHT SHE WAS THE ONLY PERSON TO KNOW ABOUT DAVID’S AFFAIR AT THE BAPTISM. SHE DID NOT KNOW I TOLD TAMRA AND HEATHER DAYS BEFORE. She only found out I confided in Tamra and Heather days AFTER the baptism. Vicki betrayed my trust. Period. On the beach in Tahiti, Vicki said, ‘I would never, ever betray you.’ She did.”

Shannon added that Vicki’s behavior at the party was “cruel” and “appalling.”

“Vicki was just being cruel. And then to insinuate that Heather, Meghan, and I are the ‘devil’ is appalling. “

Shannon ended her blog by stating that she has “deep” friendships with Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow. Regarding Meghan King Edmonds, with whom she had drama with earlier on in the season, Shannon said that they’re moving forward with one another. As for Vicki, Shannon said she felt there’s not much hope for the friendship to be repaired.

“I have formed a deep friendship with Tamra and Heather that I didn’t think was possible. Meghan and I are moving forward and I think we are beginning to understand each other. My friendship with Vicki has fully destructed. I don’t have much hope that it can be repaired.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki Gunvalson expressed hope last Sunday that she and Shannon Beador may be friends again in the future. After Vicki reads what Shannon just tweeted and wrote about her, perhaps she’ll feel differently about wanting to be friends with Shannon again?

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