Charlie Sheen Gets Dragged Out Of Bar After Drunken Argument Over Picture

Charlie Sheen is at it again. The Anger Management star doesn’t seem to know when enough is enough.

In a recent report from People, Sheen got into an altercation while inside Hennessey’s Tavern in Dana Point, California, last Saturday night. The owner, Paul Hennessey, described how the incident got started.

“Charlie Sheen came in with some friends after a day of fishing and was a perfect guest, taking pictures with everyone. But then later that night this other Charlie came in and that Charlie got into an argument with someone in the band.”

Hennessey went on to say that Sheen seemed agitated after taking several pictures with fans when the bassist of the band playing that night asked Sheen for a picture. The actor politely declined, “please, dear fellow, no photographs this evening. I’d appreciate you leaving me to enjoy my libation in private. Thank you.”

You would think that would have been the end, but it only escalated. At some point, Sheen smacked the camera to the floor, breaking it, and then fists started flying. A bouncer rushed to the scene in an effort to calm the situation.

Charlie Sheen gets into bar fight
Actor Charlie Sheen seemingly agitated. Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images.

Initial reports of the event say the former Two and a Half Men star was put in a headlock and literally dragged out of the bar. Yet, these claims may have been exaggerated.

It was later confirmed by a member of the tavern’s security team and the owner that Sheen was kindly asked to leave and the Hollywood bad boy was carried out by his arms to ensure no one else got hurt. According to Hennessey, Charlie “was a perfect gentleman about it, and he shook the doorman’s hand afterwards.”

Later, a female employee of the tavern was asked why Sheen was thrown out and she verified that it was because of the fight with the bass player.

It would appear that alcohol may have played a part in the escalation of the situation, as other bar patrons claim Sheen had been downing shots and other alcoholic drinks throughout the evening.

The manager on duty that night seemed to agree.

“There was a big crowd around Charlie all night. People were having a lot of fun with him. Alcohol most likely was a factor.”

Whether alcohol was a factor or not, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sheen has a habit of starting fights. This past June, he viciously attacked his ex-wife Denise Richards via Twitter. Sheen launched a series of tweets that alleged Richards called him a “dead beat dad” then went on to berate her acting career. He even resorted to calling her names like “washed-up piglet shame pile,” among other nasty remarks.

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards have seen happier times.
Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images.

Interestingly, another ex-spouse, Brooke Mueller, gets along great with him. Despite an embittered divorce and drawn out child custody battle, Brooke recently admitted that things are going well between her and Sheen. She was even recently quoted as saying they get along “fantastically.”

According to the Daily Mail, Sheen has been struggling with sobriety for several years, which has severely damaged his career. In 2011, when studio executives could no longer deal with the drink and drug problems, they fired him from the highly successful comedy, Two and a Half Men. Additionally, Sheen’s most recent comedy show, Anger Management was cancelled in 2014.

After being thrown out of the tavern, the troubled 50-year-old actor got in a vehicle and was whisked away moments later. Saturday was an eventful night at the Orange County bar and one many patrons will remember. However, with the way Charlie Sheen has been acting lately, there are many who think he probably deserved more than a polite tossing out.

[Photo courtesy: Michael Buckner/Getty Images]