Kathy Wakile’s Sister Rosie Pierri Appears On And Tweets About Teresa Giudice Special But Kathy Remains Silent

Kathy Wakile seems to be keeping her distance from the Teresa Giudice saga. On Sunday night’s premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In, Kathy’s sister — Rosie Pierri — appeared in a scene with Joe Giudice. Rosie also tweeted about the special and Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live, which aired after the special and featured both Joe and his brother-in-law, Joe Gorga. Kathy, however, was absent from the episode and didn’t comment on it or the Watch What Happens Live show.

During the special, Rosie is shown calling and then meeting up with Joe at a construction site where he is working. Joe explains to the camera that because he “can’t get mortgages in his name for a while,” and he is forced to do other things to provide for his family. Rosie, who has grown close to Joe over the past few years, tells Joe that she’s not dating anyone. Joe tells Rosie that Teresa tells him about her fellow inmates who have sex with one another. Rosie pokes fun at Joe, whose 41-month prison sentence will begin after Teresa gets out, by asking him if he’ll “get a boyfriend” while he’s in prison. In a more serious moment, Joe tells Rosie that he and his family are holding up alright but that he, unlike their daughters who go every weekend, only gets to visit Teresa every other weekend because of his criminal record.

Rosie watched the episode. She tweeted that Teresa and Joe’s oldest daughter, Gia, looked beautiful for her eighth grade dance, the preparation for which was shown earlier on in the episode.

Rosie also watched Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga on Watch What Happens Live.

During the talk show, host Andy Cohen asked which man would win an arm wrestling contest. Rosie tweeted that she’s betting that Joe Giudice, whom she calls by the nickname, “Juicy,” would win.

Rosie has such a good time with Joe that she thinks she, and not Joe Gorga, should’ve been on Watch What Happens Live with him. She retweeted a fan’s tweet that says it would have been better to have Rosie and Joe Giudice on the show together.


In July, possibly while filming the special, Rosie had “too good of a time” with Joe.

Rosie Pierri was never a starring housewife on The Real Housewives of New Jersey but she was frequently shown on the third through fifth seasons, when her sister, Kathy Wakile, was a starring housewife alongside their cousin, Teresa Giudice. Rosie also appeared a few times on the sixth season, when Kathy was a “friend” of the housewives. During those seasons, Rosie was shown hanging out and joking around with Joe Giudice a lot.

Like Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile often had drama with Teresa Giudice during their seasons together on the show despite being family. While Melissa and Kathy eventually reconciled and agreed to move on from their drama prior to the sixth season, Kathy remained on the outs with Teresa.

On the sixth season, Kathy placed a dictionary in front of Teresa during a cousins’ Christmas party as a gag gift. Teresa felt as if Kathy was making a dig at her vocabulary.

“A dictionary, really Kathy? Let’s see, how do you spell ‘b****’? K-A-T-H-Y. Ok, that’s actually pretty clever.”

Later on, Teresa and Kathy, with Dina Manzo sitting between them, got into an argument over the dictionary incident. In retaliation, Teresa refused to write a blurb for Kathy’s cookbook. Kathy did not like Teresa’s lack of support.

“I’ve gone to her cooking demonstrations. I’ve gone to her book signings. I ask her to write a simple blurb and she found a reason why she wasn’t going to to. Teresa’s being a d*** over a dictionary.”

In another scene, Kathy and Rosie, along with Jacqueline Laurita, are shown reacting to the news that Teresa has been sentenced to 15 months in prison. Kathy, with her hand over her mouth, looks shocked. Jacqueline breaks down sobbing and hugs Kathy, who also seems to be crying.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joe Giudice said on Watch What Happens Live that the only people from the show who have reached out since Teresa’s imprisonment are Dina Manzo and Rino Aprea, Teresa Aprea’s husband. He seemed to have forgotten to mention Rosie.

Unlike her sister, Kathy Wakile has not publicly revealed whether she watched the latest Teresa Giudice special. A preview for The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In shows that Rosie Perri will make at least another appearance on the special, while Kathy is nowhere to be seen. Kathy did, however, retweet on Sunday night a viewer’s tweet that Kathy and Rosie’s mom was right when she said on a past episode that it’s useless to hold on to a grudge.

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