Roman Atwood Cruelly Pranks Girlfriend By Pretending To Blow Up Son On ATV [Video]

One of the cruelest pranks you are ever likely to see has emerged on YouTube, which features a man tricking his girlfriend into thinking that their son has died in an explosive ATV crash.

The video was uploaded to the video sharing website by Roman Atwood, who has previous experience when it comes to creating pranks and then filming the reactions of his surprised victims.

However, this one saw him go above and beyond in his attempts to trick his girlfriend, as he made it look as though their child had perished in an inferno.

You can watching the rather harrowing clip in its entirety below.

At the start of the clip Roman Atwood lays out his plan to the camera, all while his child sits on the ATV in the background.

Then, Atwood explains that the ATV his son is on is actually going to be remote controlled, and a doll will be placed on the back of it.


Atwood has set up the mother of his child by insisting that their plan is to buy a four-year-old ATV that three-year-old Cain adamantly wants.

Atwood’s girlfriend, and the mother of Cain, arrives for the test drive and that is when the prank really moves into action.

Immediately, viewers can tell that she’s not really happy with the thought of her son riding on the used, and extremely dangerous looking, bike. However, because of the glowing smile that her son is beaming at her, the mother can’t help but agree with the two young men in her life.


All the while, acting like nothing is untoward, Roman Atwood continually asks to plant a kiss of her, while repeatedly saying he loves her, before asking her to go and get their check book to purchase the automobile.

As soon as she is out of view of both the ATV and the two boys, the plan then moves into full throttle, as Roman immediately lifts Cain off the vehicle and replaces him with a nearby doll that is handily dressed head to toe in the same clothes that he just had on.

Then, when the mother comes back into view, someone takes control of the ATV with the remote control, which starts to rush out of control as Roman and his girlfriend run behind it in a frenzy.


The ATV then heads straight for a ramp that it speeds over, triggering an explosion to go off in close proximity to where the bike and the doll have landed.

This then results in the mother breaking down in tears, but as she continues running, in the hope that she’ll be able to assist her stricken son, she immediately begins to realize that she has been the victim of one of her boyfriend’s pranks.

The woman then erupts with furious anger toward her beau, insisting he’s gone way too far in his attempt to gain hits and views. At this point Cain, who had hidden himself away from the accident, comes back into view and is immediately embraced by the previously-grieving woman.


Despite her protestations at Roman Atwood’s antics, the clip has proven to be rather popular, having already amassed over three million views for his popular YouTube channel, which has seven million subscribers.

Most of the comments on the video are made of people asking why the woman hasn’t left Roman Atwood yet because of his behavior. Others praised the clip for being downright hilarious, despite the fact that it may have traumatized the mother for life.

[Images via YouTube]