Learn More About The Newest ‘GTA V’ Online Content With One Last Set Of Hints From Rockstar Games

Over the past several weeks, Rockstar Games has helped gamers learn everything they need to know to win while competing in the new Freemode Events recently introduced to GTA Online as part of the latest Grand Theft Auto V title update. Bringing the multi-part tips series to an end, the developer has released the final installment of hints covering GTA Online‘s Freemode Events.

Similar to the previous offering of tips, as was reported by the Inquisitr last week, Rockstar Games is wrapping up the third part of the of the Freemode guide by providing in-depth details on a specific set of activities that are tied to the new free-roam event challenges.

GTA Online free-roam

In “Hold the Wheel,” participants must vie for control of a marked target vehicle in GTA Online. The goal of this event is to be inside the vehicle at the end of the challenge. Players can even team up with their friends to help ensure they can collectively keep their opponents from being able to take the vehicles from them.

“To succeed at this Freemode Event and earn a tidy pile of cash and RP, you must quickly locate a specific vehicle that shows up on your Radar. You will then be tasked with holding onto it until the timer runs out.”

From their official Twitter account, Rockstar Games suggests the best tactic to take in “Hold the Wheel” is to escape pursuers by taking the target vehicle off-road. Also, gamers need to be sure not to use explosive weaponry when trying to take the vehicle from its current owners since it needs to be commandeered, not blown up. Finally, GTA V users should remember that winners are selected in this GTA Online event based on who remains in the vehicle at the end of the match, meaning a new victor can literally be decided in the last second.

For those looking to simply leave a wake of property damage in GTA Online, “Criminal Damage” pits players against one another to see who can create the most destruction within a time limit. The goal of this Freemode Event is to destroy as many things as possible, with bonus points awarded for more costly targets.

“It’s time to rack up some apocalyptic property damage to earn yourself a generous cash and RP bonus. Keep in mind that the more expensive the stuff you wreck, the higher the score.”

According to Rockstar Games, the best thing to do once “Criminal Damage” begins is to take the time at the start of the event to visit one of GTA V‘s many Ammu-nation stores in order to purchase several explosives before heading downtown to wreak havoc. Getting rival player kills also adds to each participants’ overall score.

GTA 5 Criminal Damage activity

In addition to these more traditional new match types that were included with the Freemode Events of GTA Online, gamers will also be periodically invited to complete several different mini-challenges while enjoying the title’s unstructured free-roam map.

“Freemode Events also include a series of challenges, geared to proving yourself the best in key abilities. These include achieving the Longest Jump, Most Headshots, most Near Misses and Longest Fall Survived amongst many more. These 19 new Challenges will give you plenty of opportunities to use the Action Replay feature in the Rockstar Editor to relive your crowning moment.”

Freemode Events might be the newest addition to GTA Online, but fans shouldn’t expect it to be the last. Since Grand Theft Auto V first launched on last-gen consoles two years ago, Rockstar Games has increasingly focused entirely on improving the game’s online multiplayer mode.

What are your thoughts on GTA V ‘s new, online Freemode Events?

[Images via Rockstar Games]