Travis Wolford, MMA Fighter Who Pooped Himself In Cage, Embraces Limelight, And Doesn’t Like Islam

Travis Wolford Poops In Cage

Travis Wolford fights in a cage. But as a mixed martial artist, he recently got to experience an all too unpleasant reality that is the fear of many young athletes before they first take up a sport.

The fear of “what happens if I need to go to the bathroom during the match?”

Unfortunately in Travis’s case, the worst fear of not being able to make it to the bathroom during the contest became a disturbing reality.

When his opponent, Daniel Cooper, choked him out, he proceeded to lose control of his bowels and sputtered out puddles of fecal matter all over the mat.

The video, which you can see here if you’re not too grossed out by watching a grown man poop himself, has since gone viral, being seen on YouTube alone close to 8 million times as of this post.

So how does one recover from such a humiliating occurrence? By embracing it full-on.

If you go to the Facebook page of Travis Wolford, you’ll notice that he does not shy away from the fact that he’s “the guy.”

Responding to one commenter inquiring as to his identity — as in “are you the guy?” — he had this to say.

“yes i s**t myself in a cage fight”

The response: “Holy f***! Man I’d lay off that chili at least till fight season is over. That’s crazy as h***!”

Travis Wolford appears to be able to take the good-natured ribbing, posting funny memes about the incident, one of which transposes his head over the World’s Most Interesting Man’s.

“I don’t always fight at Ruckus in the Cage,” the meme begins, “but when I do I s**t all over the f****** cage.”

While Travis Wolford may never live this down, he doesn’t seem fazed by it. His attitude has won over many new fans, with some stating simply “Respect” in the comments section of his Facebook page.

There was also one word of encouragement.

“S**t happens it’s all about how you handle the aftermath…. Trust me it’s no big deal.. You might have some funny stuff directed at you but it’s all good in this game called life.. Just keep doing what your doing and you’ll be fine [sic]”

So other than this rather embarrassing incident and the comical nickname of “Brown Bomber,” how much do fight fans know about this guy?

Well, for starters, he’s not done with MMA yet. In fact, he has another fight on November 13, he says. He’s also a big fan of horror movies, while being considerably less adoring toward the President of the United States.

Another meme challenges, “I’m not the kind of person who calls the cops, I’m the kind of person that if you p*** me off, you better hope you can call them before I get ahold of you.”

(Unless you’re Daniel Cooper, of course.)

Probably his most incendiary post that is likely to get the loads of viral traffic surrounding his video talking, is a picture of a Qur’an on fire, which was a re-share, but when taken with the other pro-flag, pro-military and pro-Confederate flag memes adorning the rest of his newsfeed, it could probably be taken as an endorsement.

As far as the Brown Bomber stuff is concerned, Travis Wolford will probably be just fine, video-seen-by-millions notwithstanding.

As the Inquisitr‘s own Nathan Francis pointed out in his coverage of the fight, Wolford is not the only fighter to ever have an “accident” in the ring or cage.

“The MMA fighter who pooped in the ring isn’t the only fighter to suffer that embarrassing fate. In a fight last November, the UFC’s Humberto Brown appeared to poop himself shortly before being choked out,” Francis wrote.

Do you think Travis Wolford should be embarrassed by the video, and should he keep fighting after that? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Travis Wolford via Facebook, linked above]