Alek Skarlatos Injury: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contestant Reportedly Breaks Nose Ahead Of Week 5 Performance

Alek Skarlatos has had fans buzzing this season on Dancing With the Stars, and many feel certain he could be a contender to make it all the way to the finale. However, he has had some rocky moments over the past couple of weeks, and now he’s just encountered another one. Alek reportedly was injured during Monday’s DWTS rehearsals. What happened?

As Dancing With the Stars fans saw last week, Alek Skarlatos was left pretty shaken up by the news of the recent shooting in Oregon. As it happens, Alek is from that community, and he even would have been on the campus at class the day of the shooting. Alek returned home briefly after the shooting, but was able to perform his Week 4 dance.

Just after that performance, Skarlatos got another bit of stunning news. Spencer Stone, one of his friends who was with him on the French train when the terrorist attacked, was stabbed in a fight in San Francisco. As People reports, Stone is currently in fair condition after sustaining three stab wounds in a fight outside a nightclub last week.

Though the authorities are still investigating, there has been some grainy video available showing the fight, and a witness told People that Stone’s stabbing came as he was defending a woman who was hit by a guy in a big group. Skarlatos visited Stone at the hospital in San Francisco over the weekend, seemingly relieved that his friend seems to be doing okay after the incident.

Skarlatos also got to celebrate his birthday with his switch-up partner, DWTS pro Emma Slater, so it would have seemed that things were looking up for Alek a bit. However, things took a turn again Monday morning. TMZ reports that during Alek and Emma’s rehearsal, he caught an elbow to the nose.

The site has video footage of the moment, and Dancing With the Stars fans will notice that Skarlatos barely flinched. However, sources indicate that Alek’s nose is broken. Early reports share that x-rays will be done to confirm that his nose is indeed broken, and this will have fans worry about his ability to continue with the show.

Though injuries are common on the show, oftentimes the celebrities are able to continue. Season 21 viewers already saw one celebrity drop out, as Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s mini-stroke prevented her from traveling to California to perform. However, with Alek, many would expect that this broken nose may not slow him down much.

Even if doctors say that he cannot dance Monday night, the judges may be able to score his rehearsal. That has been done in past seasons at times when needed, and luckily, Alek did make it far enough this week to learn the dance thoroughly and get to final rehearsals.

Luckily, based on the latest Instagram post from Emma, it would certainly seem that Alek is doing well enough to go ahead and dance Monday. At least, that’s what fans hope will be the case.

Just what can viewers expect in Week 5 of DWTS? This is the switch-up week, where all of the celebrities shift partners for one week. Though Alek has been with Lindsay Arnold this season, for the switch-up, he is with Emma. Fans are quite anxious to see just how these two do together.

According to the Dancing With the Stars spoilers from PureDWTS, Alek and Emma are slated to do a rumba to James Bay’s “Let it Go.” There will not be an elimination in Week 5, as the scores and votes from both Weeks 4 and 5 will be combined for an elimination in Week 6. There is some buzz, though not yet confirmed, that there could be a double elimination in Week 6.

Will Emma and Alek be able to perform on Monday’s show? Many DWTS fans would be horribly disappointed if Alek Skarlatos’ injury kept him off the dance floor in this Week 5 Dancing With the Stars switch-up. So far, it is looking like he will be performing, but everybody will have to tune in Monday night to find out for certain.

[Photo via Alek Skarlatos / Instagram]

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