WWE News: Ryback Takes Shot At Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens’ Weight

The WWE has always been against bullying, which is why they do their anti-bullying campaign with Be a STAR. It’s normally a staple of their philanthropy on a yearly basis. Historically, they’ve done very well with that campaign. Stars like Alicia Fox, Sheamus, John Cena, and Ryback are four of the more involved WWE superstars.

On another note, body image has remained a priority in the WWE. It’s a classic example of a sports entertainment company wanting their superstars to look larger than life. That’s why Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, and others were bigger guys with huge muscles. If somebody the size of Daniel Bryan or Rey Mysterio tried to get into wrestling during the 1980s, they wouldn’t have been respected.

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All of this comes to a head when Kevin Owens and Ryback started their feud on Twitter a few days ago. Ryback, the former power lifter, is in a feud with Owens, the former Ring of Honor champion. One of them has a male model body, and the other one doesn’t. Clearly, Ryback took the opportunity to cash in on the fact that Owens doesn’t have the body of a male model.

Is there any truth to what Ryback has said over the past few weeks? The truth may never come out, but Ryback’s words aren’t for the kind-hearted. Owens doesn’t have the body many WWE stars do, simply because he’s heavier. As mentioned earlier, WWE has become synonymous with bodybuilders and models. Owens has never inquired about being a bodybuilder and male model.

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“Owens is being compared to other WWE Superstars such as Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Rusev as far as card position, and is not being viewed on the level of ‘main eventers’ such as United States Champion John Cena, Randy Orton or WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.”

There’s no truth to the reason why Kevin Owens isn’t a main-event star. He has everything a WWE superstar should have to find success in the WWE. For example, his mic skills are top notch, and Owens can wrestle with anybody on the main roster. WWE NXT is a different playing field than the main roster, but the Shield is doing so well. They began on NXT.

If it is Kevin Owens’ weight that’s holding him back, that’s no reason to not book the current Intercontinental champion in the main event. Sooner or later, WWE officials will come to the realization that Owens is too good to hold down. When he defeated John Cena at WWE Elimination Chamber, it featured shock value that the WWE has lacked over the past year. Owens can deliver the shock factor.

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