Daniel Fells Could Lose His Foot Due To Infection: Fans Go To Social Media To Show Their Support

Daniel Fells of the New York Giants had his NFL season cut short on October 2. The Giants tight end may have his career cut short though if doctors cannot save his foot from amputation.

According to People Magazine, Daniel Fells, aged 32, was taken to the hospital on October 2 with a high fever. At the hospital, staff took tests and looked into the cause of his fever and illness. They soon diagnosed Fells with MRSA, a staph infection that is resistant to antibiotics.

Since Fells’ arrival at the hospital on October 2, he has undergone five surgeries, but doctors may not be able to save his foot. They are not only concerned about the loss of Fell’s foot though. There is a greater risk from the infection to Fells’ life.

A report from NFL.com stated that “the more urgent fear is that the MRSA has gotten into the bone and that it could travel into his blood. That could have the gravest of consequences.”

How did Fells’ contract a staph infection on his foot? It is being reported that the infection was caused by a cortisone shot. The shot was administered to the Giants tight end after he suffered both a toe injury and ankle injury. It was his wife that rushed him to the hospital on October 2.

On Sunday, it was reported that Fells’ condition is improving. His fever has gone down, and he was even able to tweet support to his teammates before they took on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. The two teams faced off during the Sunday night game aired nationally on NBC.

The New York Giants staff has taken great care to prevent other players on the team from catching the same infection. After Fells was hospitalized earlier this month, staff had the locker rooms, meeting rooms, and training rooms of the Giants facility scrubbed and sanitized completely.

Fells’ season is definitely over though. Giants placed the player on Injured Reserve last week, and there is a chance he may never play again, even if doctors are able to save his foot. Tom Coughlin spoke with the media about Fells last week, according to the CBS News.

“It’s a very serious thing, has been that way in this league for quite a few years. Everyone has been very aware of it. With Daniel, it was a different story, there was no surface injury that anybody knows of. It was an acute joint (ankle) problem along with a temperature.”

This is not the first time a MRSA infection has caused trouble with a NFL team. CBS News reported that an MRSA outbreak in 2013 caused trouble for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In fact, a former Giants kicker, Lawrence Tynes, was one of the players infected during that incident. He has since retired from the NFL and he has a lawsuit against the football for the unsanitary conditions present in the facility at the time of his infection. His lawsuit for $20 million was filed in April.

In the case of Daniel Fells, one of his teammates, Cullen Jenkins, spoke with CBS News, about the situation. He said, “This is something that is around the game, and not just our game, it’s other sports as well. It’s unfortunate, but there is a possibility of it.”

What is MRSA? The CBS News report gave a detailed description of the infection.

“MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is sometimes referred to as a ‘superbug’ because it is resistant to several antibiotics. About one in three people carry staph infections in their nose, but about two in 100 people carry MRSA strains. It is a skin infection that’s spread through direct contact with an infected wound, such as through sharing personal items like towels or razors that have touched infected skin.”

Daniel Fells was initially set for release from the hospital earlier this week, but it is not known when he will be able to return home. Once fans began to learn of the New York Giants player’s condition, messages of support and well wishes began to flood Twitter, according to Hollywood Life. Many fans took the time to let Fells know they were thinking about him.

@danielfells85 Thoughts and prayers with you for a full and speedy recovery so you can get back to doing what you love.

— Markus (@MarcusVincent87) October 12, 2015

His teammates and coach were thinking about Fells on Sunday as they played the 49ers. After the game, Coughlin revealed to the media that the team was giving the game ball to Fells. Before the game, the team had decided to dedicate the game to Fells, as well. According to the New York Daily News, the New York Giants managed to pull out a win against the 49ers with a score of 30-27. Coughlin told the media that he hopes Fells is able to return home to see his kids soon.

[Photo: Frederick Breedon/Getty Images]