Beauty Trends: Rubber Face Masks, Fake Freckles And Real Hair

2015 trends

The year may not be over, but that doesn’t mean that hot beauty trends aren’t still popping up all over the place. One hot new beauty trend left for the fall season of 2015 is real hair, reports New York Magazine. The publication notes that reports that fashion shows prior to 2015 likely saw the beginning of the real hair trend, but Roland Mouret hit it home, with models strutting down the runway wearing their own individual hair. They didn’t sport hair weaves or long, flowing ponytails garnered from other locations. Instead, their own hair was on full display — either straightened, slicked back, sporting short Afros or parted to the side. Whatever was real and achievable was in for that runway look.

Next up for discussion are the Korean beauty secrets for gaining great-looking skin: masks. As reported by the Refinery29, those masks aren’t just the ones seen on the runway at The Art Institutes Spring 2016 during New York Fashion Week. No — these are the type of masks that are called multi-masks. The theory behind such masks shows that differing parts of the face can call for different needs, and therefore it’s okay to use multiple products as a face mask. Whereas one clay type of mask could address drawing out impurities from the T-zone region, another type of mask could focus on fighting acne on the chin region.


The traditional types of beauty masks that involve rubbing on a clay or cream that hardens are being joined by rubber face masks, reports AOL News. Although rubber face masks — which aren’t really rubber at all — have already been a mainstay in European and Asian countries for years, Americans are just now getting used to them. They involve a process that promises to deliver smoother skin once the mask is removed — and not necessarily skin that’s as moist as most folks expect once they have the traditional version of the beauty mask done.


Another big trend to come out of New York Fashion Week was the look of bold lip colors, reports MTV. Whether they were dark colors, as seen in the above photo, or out of this world greens and other hues, the bold lips came in a variety of shades and styles. Some of the lips were overdrawn, in order to exaggerate the look of the peaks of the upper lip. Either way, it was a stunning and shocking make-up look that gathered attention.

The runway looks are being duplicated in Autumn 2015 reports, as reported by Glamour, which show users how to take the dark lip look home with black currant lipliners. Or, cosmetic queens can try softer fall techniques by using toffee tones in all sorts of differing shades to suite their visages.

Certain beauty trends blooming in 2015 are downright odd and cute, like the decorative sprouts that have replaced the flower crowns worn by fashionistas in China, reports StyleCaster. Curious looking stems and flowery things and mushroom-shaped gadgets are seen sticking out of heads like tentacles or antennae. This trend is explained away by noting the Chinese culture’s affinity for harmony with nature.

After those blessed to be born with freckles have tried for years to do away with them beneath concealer makeup and lighten them with lemon juice, fake freckles have become a thing, reports Today. On old episodes of the Brady Bunch, Jan Brady bemoaned her freckles, but these days it’s in fashion to have freckles — and as such, certain women are dotting them on to be in step with the trend.

[Image byTristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment]