Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Now Available For Preview At Microsoft Store

Surface Pro 4 event.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 may not be available for another two weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop at your local Microsoft Store to take a look and use a display model. The Surface Pro 4, along with the Surface Book, is now being shown at several Microsoft Store locations, including ones in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York City and Chicago. On the Microsoft Surface Forums, a user named “Philymonster” talks about their first impressions after seeing the device on display.

“I saw the Surface Pro 4 at the Westfield Century City store in Los Angeles this weekend and I am very impressed. From the announcement, I didn’t realize how much everything has been improved. The Type Cover this time is actually usable and the screen looks absolutely amazing. They had the i5 model up and it seemed to be faster than the previous i5 model.”

Surface Pro upgrade

“The first visible upgrade is the Surface Pro 4’s 12.3-inch display, supporting a 2,736 x 1,824 resolution. It might not seem much considering that the 2014 model had a 12-inch screen, but it is noticeable. Also, the devices are equal in width, which offers users the familiar 3:2 aspect ratio from the prior model.”

Tech Times adds that not only is the Surface Pro 4 lighter and thinner than the Surface Pro 3, but that they keys on the Type Cover are more spread out. They also note that the Surface Pen is radically improved in terms of design and functionality. Christina Warren of The Mashable is impressed with the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover’s trackpad.

“Additionally, Microsoft made the trackpad a lot nicer. It’s now 40% bigger and made of glass. To me, a better trackpad is even more important than the better keyboard. Even with Windows 10, I don’t really want to touch the screen all the time; sometimes I just want to do a gesture or point and click.”

Surface Pro 3 Type cover

Twitter is afloat with praise for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

The Surface Pro 4 officially goes on sale on Monday, October 26, although you can preorder at Microsoft’s site. The 128GB / Intel Core m3 model with 4GB of RAM will cost $899 (without the type cover). The 256GB / Intel Core i7 model with 8GB of RAM will cost $1599.00. There are other versions one can customize that include more storage and 16GB of RAM. Which Surface Pro 4 unit will you be buying? Let us know in the comments section.

[Feature photo by Bloomberg for Getty Images]