AlDub Update: AlDubMissingYou Goes Viral As Yaya Dub And Alden Become Mega Stars

AlDub is proving its staying power, with Monday’s #AlDubMissingYou hashtag going viral once again and the stars of Eat Bulaga‘s noontime saga becoming commercial sensations.

It has been several weeks now since Eat Bulaga has featured the love saga of Alden and Yaya Dub, who have been hit with a series of mistrials and setbacks as they fall in love. Now, the show has not only snagged giant ratings and millions of fans active on Twitter, but become a success beyond just television and has extended beyond the Philippines.

The show has actually come close to a worldwide record for Twitter, as Rappler noted.

“On Saturday, September 26, the KalyeSerye’s official hashtag #ALDubEBforLOVE, pulled in record 26 million tweets – only a couple of million short of the record of 28.4 million global tweets for Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, 2015.”

“With Twitter Asia-Pacific and Middle East Vice President Rishi Jaitly declaring #AlDub as a ‘global phenomenon,’ there is no better way to get a network’s ratings surge or a brand to boost its sales by involving the love team in advertising campaigns.”

The AlDub phenomenon has meant big things for its main stars, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, who have both secured large advertising contracts.

Mendoza herself is a huge part of AlDub’s success. She already had a huge online following, with more than 1 million Twitter followers and close to 100,000 YouTube subscribers for her Dubsmash compilations. Bringing her on board was seen as a brilliant move, taking Mendoza’s built-in audience and helping the Kalye Serye segment of Eat Bulaga instantly go viral.

It also helped Eat Bulaga grab an entirely new audience.

“But by getting Mendoza and posting segments of her show on Facebook and other social media sites, ‘Eat Bulaga’ got the attention of the millennials and of Generation X (34-54 years old), which now make up the cyberwarriors spreading the ‘AlDub’ romance online and across the world,” the Inquirer writer Armand Dean Nocum noted.

AlDub has gotten recognition beyond its fans and television critics as well. This week the show’s stars were honored with a Catholic Social Media award. The show’s stars pride themselves on spreading a positive message, and hundreds of thousands of social media followers have joined in, emphasizing love and unity in their Twitter messages.

“The Kalyeserye will continue to pave the way to impart good values, good conduct, love for others, and love for God,” said actor Wally Bayola, who accepted the award in character as Lola Nidora. “Thank you very much.”

Though many critics wondered how long AlDub could keep up its torrid pace, the love story doesn’t appear to be losing any appeal yet. Monday’s hashtag, #AlDubMissingYou, has already gone viral with close to half a million tweets even before Monday’s show began.

The show has also been doing a wonderful job of building anticipation. On Friday, the stars took to disguise to avoid Yaya Dub’s mother, Isadora, while Yaya Dub prepared for her much-awaited performance on the “Bulaga Pa More” grand finals.

While #AlDubMissingYou doesn’t appear to be nearing the 26 million tweet record for #AlDubEDForLove or even the 12 million for #AlDubMostAwaitedDate, the continued success shows that the fans of Alden and Yaya Dub aren’t going anywhere soon.

Those who want to watch the AlDub saga are in luck, as fans — or even people who want to see what the attention is all about — can click here to watch Eat Bulaga live online.

[Picture by Eat Bulaga/Facebook]