iPhone 6 Knock Off? New HTC One Photos Show Phone Resembling iPhone 6

iPhone 6: Copycat device coming to market?

iPhone 6 has been a top-selling iPhone since its appearance on the market. The iPhone 6 is so popular, it appears at least one technology may be attempting a knock off.

According to photos posted by @OnLeaks on Twitter, the new HTC One A9 appears very much to be an iPhone 6 knockoff of some sort.

In the post, @OnLeaks simply wrote, “Well, here is your very best look at #HTCA9 aka #HTC’s Aero… #Dummy.”

As anyone who watches technology knows, designs and mock-ups can and often do change from the first designs to the final product. But rarely does a product make it all the way through concept, design, and prototype only to see significant changes. So it appears the leaked photos from @OnLeaks could be the real deal.

Pulse Headlines wrote about the leaked images and what the device is likely to mean for smart phone users seeking an iPhone 6-like device with an Android operating system.

“The images show the design of a curved aluminum unibody with inlaid plastic lines in the antennas resembling the well-known iPhone 6. It incorporates a raised circular camera hump and the speaker machined holes at the bottom of the phone.”

“An accusation on HTC for copying the iPhone design result unfair when remembering it was HTC, not Apple, the first to use plastic antenna channels embedded in an aluminum unibody design. But certainly the new smartphone shows us that HTC has been inspired to change its priorities from sound equipment to a better image. The front-facing stereo BoomSound speakers are gone and now replaced by little speaker holes on the bottom edge of the device and now a fingerprint sensor is in the front.”

The author of the Pulse Headlines article, Sara Arancibia, goes on to state that the new HTC One A9 is expected to be a mid-range smart phone device, not a top of the line model similar to the iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy devices.

The leak of the HTC One A9 photos, which is expected to be released October 20, coincides with other iPhone 6-related news. According to TechnoBuffalo, the latest iPhone models as well as the iPad Air 2 are now able to use Bluetooth 4.2.

So, what exactly is Bluetooth 4.2, you ask? TechnoBuffalo reports the latest Bluetooth offerings from Apple boast 2.5 times the speed of previous Bluetooth offerings on models such as the iPhone 5 and the original iPads.

The site reported that current models – iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, and others – had not been released with the updated Bluetooth offering. Apparently, Apple rolled out the updated Bluetooth through a firmware update, though the timing is unknown. Since the latest iOS was announced, users including those of us at the Inqusitr have undergone two software updates to our iPhones.

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So what exactly does the fast Bluetooth mean for the average Apple user? Not much since many simply use the Bluetooth function to pair headsets. But for users who depend on Bluetooth for transferring photos, printing, connecting laptops to 4G or other mobile networks via their iPhones, the improved speed is sure to make a major improvement.

Have you downloaded the latest Apple update? Have you noticed an improvement in your Bluetooth speed? And what do you think about the latest HTC device seeming to borrow its look from the iPhone 6? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Featured image via Stephen Lam/Getty Images]