‘Killer Confessions’: Investigation Discovery’s New Series Airs Clara Jean Rector Pastor Stalking Case

Killer Confessions is a new docu-series that is slated to premiere on the Investigation Discovery channel on Tuesday, October 13, just after Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda, according to MSNBC. The new crime show takes a glimpse behind the scenes of America’s interrogation rooms where brutal killers confess their deepest, darkest crimes. Tonight’s Killer Confessions stars actress Andi Rhodes as the pastor’s wife. It is produced by LMNO Productions.


Killer Confession’s first episode is centered around the case of Clara Jean Rector, a 36-year old Missouri woman who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges after confessing to a cold case murder during a police interrogation on an unrelated charge. Authorities say they were interviewing Clara Jean Rector about stalking Pastor Jerry Sousley and his wife, before she ultimately confessed to a murder that happened back in 2004. According to court records, Clara Jean Rector stabbed 48-year old Tommy Hope, also known as Tommy D. Hope, at his home in April 2004. After finding Hope’s body, detectives suspected Clara Jean Rector and her companion. They spent the next several months trying to track them down. When they finally did, there was not enough evidence to charge them in the stabbing death. The murder went unsolved for years, until she made the shocking confession almost a decade later.


Pastor Sousley and his wife were finally able to move on with their lives after Clara Jean Rector’s killer confession. She eventually was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison for Terry Hope’s murder. To see just how the police interrogation unfolded, tune in to Killer Confessions episode Faith, Hope, and Love tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Investigation Discovery. Recently, the Inquisitr brought you coverage of two other ID crime shows: Hell House and Death By Gossip featuring Wendy Williams.

Investigation Discovery’s Killer Confessions is just one of several crime TV documentary series that the hit channel has released this year, with more to come. ID’s version is not to be confused with A&E’s 48 Hours Killer Confession marathon. Here is what Investigation Discovery’s fans are saying about Killer Confessions.

“My favorite channel I hate to admit!”

“Looking forward to this.”

“Love watching this show and listening to his commentary.”

“Pretty excited for the new season!! Definitely will be watching!!!!!”

“Wow that looks like such a good show.”

“I’m addicted!!.”

“Setting DVR now!!!”

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