‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Makes Moves, Delia Is Honored, And A Familiar Face Returns To Town

'Young and Restless' star Justin Hartley

Fans will not want to miss this week’s episodes of The Young and the Restless. Spoilers detail that despite the big reveal that took months regarding Adam, the drama is not over yet. What can viewers expect from the episodes airing during the week of October 12?

Everybody in Genoa City now knows that “Gabriel Bingham” is really Adam Newman, and Chelsea has sworn that she is done with him. However, The Young and the Restless spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that Adam is not ready to give up for good. Though he seemed resigned to lose everything after both Chelsea and Phyllis revealed he was alive, he finds some fight in these next episodes.

Michael has agreed to defend Adam, but he warns him that it will not be an easy road. The Young and the Restless spoilers share that Victor will step up to vouch for his son in order to get him bailed out, and soon Adam will be remanded to Victor’s custody. Though Phyllis and Jack suspect Victor has made a deal with Adam and the judge in exchange for Adam stopping the Paragon virus, they can’t prove anything.

A mysterious woman will be keeping track of Adam’s movements as Chelsea plans to leave Genoa City. A memorial for Delia will be coming together at Chancellor Park, and Connor spots Adam there as Adam watches from a distance. Billy curses Adam out, and soon the mysterious woman shows up and reveals herself. The Young and the Restless spoilers from She Knows Soaps detail that this will be Chloe.

'Young and Restless' star Elizabeth Hendrickson

As the week continues, as indicated by We Love Soaps, Devon will be desperate to figure out where Hilary is. He makes a move to get answers in his own way, but he won’t find his wife quite yet. Teasers indicate that there will be a shocker on Wednesday’s show regarding the Hilary situation, and former All My Children star Michael E. Knight joins the show this week as Dr. Neville, a doctor that Neil contacts to help Hilary.

The Young and the Restless spoilers share that Adam will beg Chelsea to give him another chance, but she will indicate that she is not willing to be with him or help him. Victor continues to push for a way to shut down the Paragon Project, but this may not go his way.

Viewers will see a bit more regarding Sharon this week, as Young and Restless spoilers reveal that Dylan will talk with the mysterious doctor about Sharon’s progress. Just what is the doctor up to with Sharon? Nobody has answers on that yet and it seems the mystery will continue on with this one for a bit.

Ashley will be looking for revenge on Thursday’s episode, while Lily learns something stunning on Friday. Will she finally come across something that details Neil’s involvement in Hilary’s disappearance? Friday’s episode seemingly is where Neil brings Dr. Neville into the picture, and viewers will see some developments with Marisa and Noah as well.

Y&R fans may not know quite what is coming up with Marisa, Noah, and Luca, but there will be some forward progress coming this week on this storyline. Miles Gaston Villanueva, who plays Luca, teased via Twitter that he will be shaking things up in the episodes airing this week and they are not to be missed. Fans have their theories about what’s coming up regarding Luca and Marisa, but everybody will have to tune in to see how it all comes together.

Will Adam talk Chelsea into giving him yet another chance or will she close that door for good? Will Victor find a way to shut down the virus that is destroying Newman Enterprises? Could there be a twist coming about Delia’s death, as many Y&R fans have suspected for months now, that could ultimately clear Adam? There is plenty more drama coming during the week of October 12 and The Young and the Restless fans cannot wait to see how it all comes together.

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