‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Premiere: How Many Walkers To Expect, And Which Actor Ate Morgan’s Last Peanut Butter Bar

The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere party

With the season 6 premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead only hours away, fans are eagerly awaiting to see the fallout from the season 5 finale. But, for 15,000 lucky Walking Dead fans, they have already viewed episode 1 of The Walking Dead thanks to the special season 6 premiere event hosted on Friday at New York’s Madison Square Garden. At this event, not only did fans get the chance to see Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl Dixon) ride in on a motorcycle, some new information about season 6 was gleaned from the stars themselves. Along with this previous spoiler article from the Inquisitr about season 6, we can now tell you how many walkers to expect to see and who attracted the largest amount of ticks while filming season 6.

Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl Dixon) arrives on a motorcycle for the Season 6 premiere party for AMC's The Walking Dead

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet watched all available episodes or would like to avoid spoilers for season 6.

The season 5 finale saw Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) killing Pete (Corey Brill) at the instruction of Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh) and the long awaited meet up with Morgan Jones (Lennie James), who didn’t get why Rick was killing a man who wasn’t a walker. So that should make for some interesting conversations between the two men moving forward into season 6 of The Walking Dead.

The season 6 trailer released earlier this year at San Diego Comic Con indicates Rick and Morgan will indeed have a conflict of interests that will result in actual conflict. Although, most Walking Dead fans are now saying they think the trouble showed between the two characters in the trailer is due to more creative editing than actual disputes between the two characters. Fans are now speculating that the trouble insinuated in the trailer will be between Rick and either Carter (Ethan Embry) or Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam)

As well as the personal conflict between characters, there will be certain troubles with the presence of walkers in season 6 of The Walking Dead. At the recent premiere event at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Friday night, Andrew Lincoln announced to Vanity Fair that there would be a record amount of walkers in the first six episodes alone.

“The zombie count is the biggest we’ve ever had. This season, in just six episodes, we’ve had 2,500 zombies.”

As Vanity Fair pointed out, that number is higher than the total walker count for the entire previous season of The Walking Dead, with only 967 undead in total showing up to season 5.

Also included in the Q & A that followed the special early screening of episode 1 (entitled “First Time Again”) at Madison Square Garden, was Andrew Lincoln announcing he managed to attract five ticks in one day of filming for season 6 of The Walking Dead. This made him the record holder for most ticks on a body during filming.

Fan favorite Scott Wilson (who played Hershel Greene in AMC's The Walking Dead) turned up for the season 6 premiere party in Madison Square garden

Also present at the season 6 premiere event were fan favorite characters who were no longer on The Walking Dead. Jon Bernthal (who played Shane Walsh), Emily Kinney (Beth Greene), Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) and Scott Wilson (Hershel Greene) were all there, some even joining in to play the Walking Dead version of Family Feud, Walking Dead Family Face Off. As Vanity Fair pointed out, one of the most popular question in this segment was, “How do you know Rick is really mad at you?” Answers included, “He kills you with a red-handed machete,” “He kisses your wife,” and, “He bites your throat.” According to Entertainment Weekly, Michael Rooker “came out to show Ross Marquand how to do a proper impression of him.”

Walking Dead Family Face Off event held at the seaosn 6 premiere party for AMC's The Walking Dead

Finally, fans need to keep an eye a conversation about Morgan’s peanut butter protein bars. Apparently Michonne (Danai Gurira) is a fan of them. And, for eagle-eyed fans who can remember back to when Morgan was crazy, they will be able to remember what happened to the last one.

“Listen, listen. It’s an apocalypse. If I see it, it’s mine,” Danai Gurira told fans at the Q & A after the episode 1 screening.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with its season 6 premiere on Sunday, October 11, 2015.

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[Featured image credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for AMC]