NASA Releases First Ever 4K Footage Of Exploding Water Balls In Space [Video]

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live and work in space, NASA’s astronauts have just sent over a little gift for you. Though their gift, which is in fact a video, would perhaps not be enough to give you a lived experience, it will at least help you visualize some part of your wishful thinking.

It was recently revealed that NASA had equipped their astronauts at the International Space Station with a bunch of high-end RED cameras to help them better document their daily lives and experiments, and on Friday, the moment finally arrived when Scott Kelly, one of NASA’s astronauts, sent the first ever ultra high definition footage shot in space.

In the video that was released on NASA Johnson’s official YouTube channel directly using ISS’s own satellite, Kelly is seen showing off the capabilities of his new camera using a ball of water and food coloring. Yes, a ball of water. Just so you do not forget, due to lack of gravity in space, the ball of water is seen floating in mid-air, and Kelly uses different food colors to make them appear like exploding space balls.

Why exploding? Because, as Business Insider reports, Kelly also uses an effervescent tablet in the second part of the video which, after dissolving in the ball of water, generates bubbles of carbon dioxide gas inside the water that would usually rise to the surface of a glass on Earth — but in space, they move to the outer edges of the water ball, expanding in size until the bubbles pop and fling bits of water everywhere.

The video, which was made using a professional camera that is widely used in film industries all over the world today, different colors, textures, and movements of the water ball are portrayed in stunning detail. You can watch what is now NASA’s first-ever ultra high definition video shot in space, below. It would be best viewed if you change the video’s quality settings to “2160p 4K.”

About just how 4K cameras will help their astronauts at the International Space Center, NASA released the following statement along with Scott Kelly’s video. His video is part of NASA evaluating these cameras to learn how they can help improve scientific experiments and analysis in space.

“The higher resolution images and higher frame rate videos can reveal more information when used on science investigations, giving researchers a valuable new tool aboard the space station.”

People all over the world have warmly taken to NASA’s latest endeavor to release ultra high definition videos shot at the International Space Station, some even making lists as to what they would want astronauts to record next. One follower voiced his opinion in the following manner.

“I want so see a ball of diet coke with a mentos in the station.”

Scott Kelly, the NASA astronaut who can be seen in the video, is already a well-known figure on the Internet, having regularly shared many photographs from his stay at the International Space Station. Just last week, an amazing picture of the Northern Lights that Kelly had uploaded on his Twitter account had social media abuzz with excitement.

So now that you have seen water balls explode in space, what would you want NASA’s astronauts at the International Space Station to record next?

[Photo via NASA / YouTube]

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