‘Chicago Fire’ Premiere Spoilers And Sneak Peeks: A New Day At Firehouse 51

Chicago Fire will start to heat things back up on Tuesday night on NBC. The series will premiere Season 4 in its regular Tuesday night time slot, and fans can expect some big changes right away for the group at Firehouse 51.

Several sneak peeks and new spoilers have been released for the Chicago Fire Season 4 premiere, titled “Let it Burn,” this weekend, and all the new information gives loyal viewers of the series a look at the drama and action ahead.

Spoiler TV shared five clips from the premiere episode. The first clip shows Casey and the rest of Firehouse 51 on their way to a fire, but they have their way blocked by residents of the neighborhood. The structure on fire is a known drug house, and the residents want to see it burn. Boden and his team are not about to let that happen, but they have to fight the residents to get through. There is more than one showdown, though. The residents and the group of firefighters face off, but Severide also has a showdown with the new man in charge of squad.

Another Chicago Fire sneak peek shared by Spoiler TV shows the backstory between Severide and the new lieutenant in charge of squad. Severide is demoted because of all the squad has lost in the last three years. The people in charge think the problem is with his leadership.

Two of the remaining clips focus on the Casey kidnapping. At the end of the Chicago Fire Season 3 finale, Casey is missing, but the two clips show that situation handled quickly. The first clip shows Voight and Antonio running in to rescue Casey, and the second shows Casey returning to the club to pick up his tools, but he receives a rude awakening when he arrives.

As for the third sneak peek, it focuses on the other new arrival to Firehouse 51 – the new candidate, played by Steven R. McQueen. Previously released spoilers for his arrival teased that he is dropped off at the firehouse naked because of a prank. The clip shows that arrival. McQueen’s character, Jimmy Borelli, will play a major role on the drama this season.

All three of those clips can be viewed at the link above.

In addition to the sneak peeks, Entertainment Weekly shared new Chicago Fire spoilers for the premiere on Friday, as well. The spoilers tease a big moment for Brett and Chilli.

“Usually that constant turnover was coming via ambo, but the show is going to solidify Brett and Chili as the permanent duo this year by sending them out on a very emotional case in the premiere. ‘There is a teenage girl who’s pregnant and has been shot, and they are taking her to hospital and she may not make it, so they have to stop and deliver the baby,’ EP Matt Olmstead says. ‘The mom doesn’t make it. These things happen and they haunt you the rest of your life. We wanted to have a story upfront that rocks them both to their core, and also galvanizes them as a team.’ “

Brett and Chilli will become a team, but they will also fight for the attention of the new candidate. Those three will form a love triangle on the series this season. Love in the firehouse is not something new. Will it be Brett or Chilli that wins the attention of Borelli? Fans will need to tune in to find out.

Chicago Fire will return to NBC on Tuesday night. Are you excited for the Season 4 premiere of this NBC series?

[Photo: NBC]