Christina Milian, Sisters ‘Turned Up’ At Awards Party, Recovering After Loss

Christina Milian has been flying high in her career as a fashion designer, singer, reality TV star, and an actress. However, behind the scenes, Christina Milian’s life has been filled with sorrows, and they may have little to do with the end of her romantic relationship with Lil Wayne.

In the recent past, Christina Milian has been photographed at one party after another. For example, Christina Milian attended the New York Fashion Week because she is a designer for her own We Are Pop Culture label.

In another instance, Christina Milian was at the premiere of Grandfathered because she is one of the main actresses on the show.

While it seemed like nothing out of the ordinary, an important moment arrived on October 6 when she was at the Latina Magazine awards party. In photographs, Christina Milian is with her sisters Liz and Danielle — and this time Christina is smiling.

Christina Milian, Fern Mallis at the Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week.
Despite the fact that We Are Pop Culture designer/owner Christina Milian got to hang out with Fern Mallis (long-time former executive director of the Council of Fashion Designers in America, creator of NY Fashion Week, and Kanye West critic), Milian still looks sad perhaps due to the recent loss in her family. (Photo credit Vivien Killilea / Stringer/Getty Images)

Unfortunately, Christina Milian has had few reasons to smile as of late. UPI reports on October 7 that the appearance of Christina Milian and her sisters at the Latina party comes just a couple of months after Danielle lost her son.

Around the end of August, Christina Milian announced that her sister Danielle lost her newborn baby. Although there was an expectation that the newborn might have extensive birth defects as early as March, the Daily Mail stated that this event was still a loss in the family and that Christina Milian was grieving.

Nevertheless, it appears that Christina Milian and her sisters are in the process of recovering from their grief, and Christina is finally smiling in her press photos once again.

While the focus of many of Christina Milian’s press headlines are usually related to her career, her reality TV show Turned Up depicts how dedicated she is to her family.

Will we see more of Danielle and Liz on Christina Milian’s Turned Up reality TV show? In season 1, Christina Milian’s sisters were regular guests and listed as co-hosts.

In season 2 trailers for Turned Up, clips showing Danielle and Liz flash on the screen. One clip from the trailer possibly includes a pregnancy photo session of Danielle.

SheaMoisture at Laquan Smith S/S 2016 NYFW
Christina Milian looks cute, but also looks sad just a couple of weeks after the tragic news of her newborn nephew’s death was announced. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for SheaMoisture)

Of course, clips like these in the season 2 trailers mean fans may hear more about how the Milian family recovered from their tragic loss. Alternatively, due to the personal nature of the event, Christina Milian and her family may understandably choose to omit those details from season 2 of Turned Up.

What viewers might learn about in season 2 of Turned Up is how Christina Milian may be moving on from Lil Wayne. The Daily Mail printed photos from Miami on October 5 that show Christina Milian frolicking on the beach with a “mystery man.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, despite the breakup, Christina Milian has declared to Entertainment Tonight that she is still on good terms with Lil Wayne. In fact, Christina Milian and Lil Wayne are set to do a video together for her song “Do It”.

To see how the Milian family is doing (and if Christina Milian will have her Lil Wayne tattoo covered), check out the next season of Christina Milian’s show Turned Up on Tuesdays. The second season will premier on the E! network on November 3 at 9 p.m. EST.

Christina Milian can also be seen in Grandfathered as Vanessa on Fox Saturdays at 10 p.m. EST.

[Feature image via Jonathan Leibson/Stringer/Getty Images]

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