iPhone 2.0.2 the magical 3G Fix? Whoops, I can't upgrade yet

Duncan Riley

Apple has released a firmware update for the iPhone, 2.0.2, and there's some suggestion that it may include a fix to the 3G coverage issues.

MG Seigler at VentureBeat reports that post update he's getting better 3G coverage in San Francisco, but there appears to be no official word yet as to whether the upgrade included a patch for the problem.

Obviously if they can fix it via software update, everyone wins, however I sort of can't upgrade it yet. I couldn't resist running Pwnage on my 3G iPhone so I could install Flixwagon for live video streaming. A test video below on the subject. I'll add Qik to the mix as well later in the week to see if there's any noticeable difference.