WWE News: Sting Talks Health, Seth Rollins, WCW Rappelling Stunt

Mark Suleymanov - Author

Oct. 10 2015, Updated 6:40 a.m. ET

Ever since Sting’s last WWE appearance at Night of Champions, his health has come into question. “The Icon” reportedly suffered a neck injury in his match with Seth Rollins, something he confirmed himself.

But “The Stinger” is in good spirits as he recently did a Q&A in Glasgow to discuss his health and several other topics, and Reddit user blinkjc was in attendance and recapped the event.

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“The first question was obviously to ask how he’s doing since the injury and his response was something along the lines of ‘I feel great, I feel normal, however the MRI’s are showing things and the Doctors I’m speaking to are telling me I’m not great. Basically It’s my neck and I’ll have to get it dealt with.'”

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Considering the fact that Sting is 56-years-old, suffering any sort of neck injury puts severe doubt on his ability to return to the ring. Especially when he says during that Q&A that this injury gave him “the fright of his life.” For what it’s worth, Sting did say the week of his injury that he would consider stepping into the ring to wrestle another match under the right circumstances.

If Night of Champions was the end of the road for Sting, his last official match will have been against the current WWE World Heavyweight champion in the main event of a pay-per-view. And much like he did the week after his injury, Sting continues to have nothing but the highest praise for Rollins’ talent and ability in the ring.

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“Another question he was asked was who is the best wrestler in the roster today and he couldn’t praise Seth Rollins enough. A quote was ‘I’ve never been in the ring with anyone as good.’ After night of champions he was in the back of an ambulance and said Seth came running and was mortified he had hurt Sting. Sting told him not to worry about it and then said that Seth had a big speech planned for Sting after their match but this wasn’t how he envisioned telling Sting. He told him he dressed as him for Halloween as a kid and had been watching him since he was 12 and how honored he was to have worked with him.”

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However, Rollins was not the only current member of the WWE roster that Sting had praise for. In addition to “The Architect,” Sting mentioned Bray Wyatt as “somebody who will go far,” according to the recap. High praise for Wyatt, somebody who Sting has been rumored to eventually wrestle in the past.

Another bit from the recap that may interest wrestling fans is Sting discussing the times he would repel from the rafters when he was portraying his “Crow” gimmick in WCW. There were never any incidents with Sting while doing those stunts, unlike the tragic event when WWF wrestler Owen Hart died in 1999 during a pay-per-view attempting to do a similar stunt.

However, according to Sting’s story, he was moments away from his own tragic incident.

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As the story goes, Sting was nervous about doing the stunt, so he rehearsed it several times in several different ways before he was comfortable doing it. Still, it did not make Sting feel safe and he says that went to Eric Bischoff and inform him that the brakes on the wire would cause him to spin out of control and he did not want his character to become a “laughing stock” if that were to happen on live television. However, Bischoff was able to convince Sting to do the stunt.

Here’s how the events transpired on that day, according to Sting.

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“The first time he did it he had to land in the ring at a very specific time, so he was hanging over the rafters waiting, with a stuntman wearing a radio headset to tell them when to go. He said the signal was really fuzzy and all of a sudden the stuntman started shouting, ‘Go, go right now, go’ so Sting was holding onto the fence bracing to jump when the stuntman grabbed onto him suddenly and pulled him back over.”

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Sting asked the stuntman why he did that after the show and he told Sting that “I had the rope hooked up through the clip backwards. If you’d have dropped when I told you to, you’d have fell.”

So, if that stuntman hadn’t pulled Sting back in-time, things might have ended in a tragic way.

[Images via WWE.com, WrestlingDVDNetwork.com]


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