Is ‘Ladies Of London’ At Risk Of Being Canceled By Bravo?

Though Ladies of London fans are loyal, according to the powers that be, there aren’t enough of them, or they don’t stick around to watch the show right after watching The Real Housewives of Orange County, reported to be Bravo’s top show. Complaints that the Ladies are just Real Housewives light are dogging the series and turning off new viewers.

But the mix of Americans and Brits is intriguing to many, and certainly tends to be more on the cerebral side than the bleached blonde intellect of Orange County. According to the Inquisitr, the new angle on Ladies of London is how the American transplants are succeeding in business ventures (they actually have jobs rather than being professional shoppers and restaurant diners!). This season, Julie Montagu, aka Lady Sandwich has launched her new business, JUB (Julie’s Unbelievable Balls, which is a huge success. On the show, fans can see her at the beginning of her distribution, literally cycling around town, delivering them herself.

Marissa Hermer, who owns restaurants with her husband, Matt, wanted a place of her own, and opened Top Dog, a gourmet hot dog joint which combines an American touch with healthier dogs, fries, and shakes of your own design. Though Top Dog is a very casual step down from the Hermer’s other places, it now has a following around London.

But according to LALATE, Ladies of London is on shaky ground. The Season 2 debut posted strong numbers, but then slumped, despite a premium time slot. So what or who is to blame? LALATE believes the cast is pointing fingers at Juliet, whose whining and confusing drama is just plain annoying.

“Marissa this week tells news that she is tired of Juliet’s games. ‘Where as Caroline likes to do everything herself (clearly she is good at creating a delicious feast as I also noticed everyone almost licked their plates!), I like to enjoy my dinner parties more as Caroline Stanbury said…as a guest! So I usually ask one of our Eclipse bartenders to pop around for a couple hours to make some Watermelon Martinis for my guests and ask a Bumpkin server to come help serve and wash up in the kitchen, that way I can spend the evening gossiping with my girlfriends rather than stirring over the stove.'”

Something needs to change, but what? The Inquisitr reports that a focus on Annabelle Neilson might help. Though she is still coming back from her riding accident, the American audience is very interested in the woman who does everything so effortlessly. From accomplished horsewoman to children’s book author, Neilson has also proven herself a friend to the underdog, yet the squeaky needy wheels are getting all the grease from Bravo. And let’s see what makes Ladies of London different from Real Housewives–London, and all it has to offer. Aren’t there enough shows on Bravo that surround petty backstabbing?

In an updated article, LALATE revealed that ratings have continued to drop below a 1.0 rating (for example, RHOC is pulling a consistent 1.8-1.9 level). It would be unprecedented for Bravo to pull the plug mid-season, but there has to be some kind of shake up for Ladies of London to make it to Season 3. A suggestion? Mix things up. Let us see some more of Annabelle’s home life, let’s get to know Sophie Stanbury, and let us see where Caroline Fleming grew up. Everyone has a royal connection? Let’s see it. Give fans something you can’t get in the sleepy sleazy O.C.

Will you continue to watch Ladies of London? What would you like to see?

[Photo courtesy of Bravo]