‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Maddie Brown Rejected By LDS Church

This week, on a new episode of Sister Wives, Maddie Brown is going to be sharing a lot about her religion choices. Recently, Maddie shared that she has plans to get married and won’t be living the polygamist lifestyle. IB Times recently shared spoilers for the new episode that will air Sunday, October 11, and there will be a lot of talk about Maddie’s religious choices on season 6, episode 5 of Sister Wives. Maddie is now an adult and won’t be doing everything the same way that her parents do. Maddie will be making her own choices.

Maddie Brown has big plans to join the Mormon Church. Caleb and Maddie had planned to do this together, but it turns out that they are going to have some problems with it. Maddie wanted to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but they don’t recognize Brown family’s religion as legitimate, which is going to cause some problems. The fact that they do not agree with the way that the Brown family lives sounds like it could have made her choose between the church and her family. The Browns had already shared that they supported her decision. At first, it does look like Maddie will have to choose, but it turns out the church doesn’t want her either way due to her family.

Caleb Brush

The church that Maddie chose actually didn’t work out for her. Maddie Brown went to her Twitter page recently to share that they had to do something else because the LDS Church decided not to take them. It just wasn’t the right situation according to Maddie’s tweets.

“Tweet1 of 2: After being rejected from the LDS church because the public association with my family was too much controversy for the Mormon. Tweet 2 of 2: Church. Caleb and I finally after 2 years started dating… I would say God had a plan in that. Caleb is a devout Christian and we are not a part, nor will we be, of the LDS (Mormon) church.”

This all happened to Maddie Brown months ago, since the current episode of Sister Wives was recorded months ago. Viewers are just now getting to see how things turned out for Maddie and Caleb. All of the details were shared on her Twitter page back in September. She will always be a Brown, but now that Maddie is moving out she will need a chance to do things her own way.

It was recently revealed that Maddie Brown is engaged to Caleb Brush. It turns out that these two are related, but it is not by blood at all. Maddie Brown will be getting married to her aunt’s brother, but her aunt was married to Kody’s brother Curtis Brown, who passed away. It looks like Maddie Brown found her perfect match and they will be getting married soon, but not living the polygamist lifestyle.

Sister Wives

This week on Sister Wives, there will also be a few other important things happening. Janelle Brown and Meri Brown will finally sit down with a counselor and try to work through some problems that they have had for years. Kody Brown will decide to try to find a way to relate to his daughters better. When they were younger, Brown would take them on little dates, and so he tries a beach day with the girls.

Are you shocked to hear that the LDS Church turned down Maddie Brown? Do you feel like Meri and Janelle can work through their problems? Don’t miss the new episode of Sister Wives on Sunday night on TLC. Things are really getting interesting for the Brown family on season 6.

[Picture Source Twitter; Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Twitter]