Nick Peterson, Samantha Steffen Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Call It Quits

Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen have called it quits on their relationship after their time on Bachelor in Paradise. A source confirmed to US Magazine that Nick and Samantha are over and moving on with their lives. Things just didn’t work out for these two. Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen were dating when the show ended in June. It sounds like the relationship lasted for about four months and now they have decided to quit trying to make it work. News is out that Nick and Sam are over.

The source spoke out about Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen’s relationship and why it didn’t work out.

“The main reason for the breakup is the distance. They just weren’t able to make it work. There are no hard feelings. She thinks he’s a great guy. She isn’t interested in seeing anyone else right now.”

The source went on to explain that Samantha has plans to keep working with The Hans Foundation, an organization for which her mother serves as the managing director, now that she is single once again. This should keep Nick Peterson’s ex pretty busy. No news on what Nick Peterson has going on, but he has been on Bachelor so many times that you never know if he might show up again next summer on Bachelor in Paradise. Sam was a favorite with the men this season, so it wouldn’t be surprising if ABC made the decision to bring her back again as well. Nick Peterson actually won his season of Bachelor Pad, and it was a bit surprising that he was brought back on the show again after all these years.

The last post that Nick Peterson put up on Instagram with Samantha was just two weeks ago. The two looked like they were having a fun time together, but Nick didn’t give any hints about how their relationship was going or if they were moving along. Since then, Nick has been posting a few endorsement ads, but no mention of Samantha or the fact that they couldn’t make things work. Obviously they were still finding a way to see each other even though they didn’t live in the same area. Nick Peterson is now back on the market once again.

Today, shortly before news broke that Nick and Samantha had called it quits, she went to her Twitter and shared “my soulmate is most likely a grilled cheese.” Her fans didn’t seem to pick up on the fact that this could mean that Samantha and Nick were over and moving on with their lives. Obviously it won’t be hard for her to find someone new considering how crazy all of the men were over her on the show.

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise, and this relationship has actually lasted since the show ended. They were able to make things work, and Jade has even made the move to Kansas City to live with him. The two are planning their wedding, so at least one relationship that came out of Bachelor in Paradise lasted. This couple seems to be the perfect match and were together from the second they met each other on the show.

Are you shocked to hear that Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen called it quits four months after the end of the show? Did you think that Nick and Sam would make it that long? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Don’t miss Ben Higgins as The Bachelor, which will start airing on ABC in January of 2016.

[Picture Source: Instagram]