‘Southern Charm’ Cast Comes Up For Air After Joaquin Hits South Carolina

Hurricane Joaquin has moved on from South Carolina, but the state’s residents and the cast of Bravo’s Southern Charm are still dealing with the aftermath. But as usual, the cast is doing it with a classic sense of humor. Between trying to catch the last good wave before getting thrown into a pier, or stocking up the kitchen with a week’s worth of Cracker Barrel, the cast hunkered down to wait out Joaquin.

Just recently, the cast announced that season 3 of Southern Charm is a go, and the cast was seen filming at a polo match featuring Thomas Ravenel on horseback according to the Inquisitr, despite reports that he was never going to have anything to do with the show or Bravo TV. He even suggested he would sue the network. Another change for season 3? Another Southern Charm baby, this time a boy, courtesy of the lovely redhead, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis.

Bravo is reporting that the storms that hit the coast were devastating for so many people in South Carolina, including the Southern Charm cast. On Saturday alone, over eleven inches of rain fell on Charleston, triggering President Obama to declare a state of emergency. But that didn’t stop the cast from letting fans know what was going on, and how they were faring through the impact of Joaquin. Cameran Eubanks let fans know that she would not be low on food, as she made a Cracker Barrel run. Shep Rose and Landon Clements posted a photo complete with surfboards, as they got a last run in before the swells got too dangerous. Craig Conover also took to the water on his boat to take a last look at the coast before the storm came in and it needed to be moored (he is a DelMarVa boy, so he knows his way around a coastal storm).

But they also provided images of the aftermath, complete with piled-up sandbags. Clements posted a photo of the flooding at her house with soggy rugs and a wet foyer. But in true form, she also made cocktail suggestions, and Pat Altschul, mother of Whitney Sudler-Smith, was shopping online and enjoying some pimento cheese sandwiches. They all sent prayers to those who had lost it all, and were just trying to survive. Noblesse oblige and all that.

But back to happier thoughts, the Inquisitr reported that as recently as two weeks ago, polo was still in full swing in Aiken South Carolina at Whitney Field. On horseback was former politician Thomas Ravenel, and members of the cast were there to watch and support his team. Luckily, he had recovered from the head butting he recently received in a Charleston bar.

The Charleston City Paper is reporting that Kathryn Calhoun Dennis is thrilled to be expecting a son in order to complete her family with daughter Kensie, a darling toddler that has charmed the cast of Southern Charm. So far, most of the cast has not commented on the pregnancy announcement, but cast mate Craig Conover has volunteered his expert babysitting services.

So fans are wondering, what other changes to expect for season 3 of Southern Charm? Well, as shooting just started, don’t expect to see anything until 2016, after baby Ravenel makes his appearance.

Will you be watching season 3 of Southern Charm?

[Photo courtesy of Bravo TV]