#WorstGiftEver: 12 Completely Terrible Gifts That Should Never Have Been Given

As fans know, #WorstGiftEver has been one of Jimmy Fallon’s most popular hashtags on his “Late Night Hashtags” segment. Appearing for the first time on December 11, 2013, Jimmy Fallon encouraged viewers to tweet their funny stories with the hashtag #WorstGiftEver, and he then read some of his favorites on the show, much to the amusement of the audience, but most importantly, to Jimmy Fallon’s own amusement.

As with many of Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night Hashtags,” the #WorstGiftEver hashtag went viral and has stayed in the twitter mainstream ever since.

In fact, the hashtag has become so ingrained as a part of mainstream twitter culture that it even made its way onto T-shirts, which could ironically be given as a gift..

On September 19, 2014, Jimmy Fallon read some more of his favourite tweets that contained the #WorstGiftEver hashtag, partly as an early birthday present for himself, with his birthday falling on the following day.

Here we present, for your amusement, the latest and funniest #WorstGiftEver Twitter posts that will have you reliving memories of the worst gifts you’ve ever received. Are they any worse than some of these unfortunate people’s experiences? Read on and decide for yourself.

Imagine this: You’re 28-years-old and single. Just when you start to feel down, you realize you’ve got a birthday coming up. Yay! But then your parents give you a gift of diet pills and a knife set. Perhaps would have been better off pretending you only celebrate your birthday every second year. Nice one, parents.

Then there’s this guy. He says that this “sweet loot” is all he got from his Gran for Valentine’s Day. For some reason this constitutes good use of the #WorstGiftEver hashtag. Anyone else think this guy is being a bit of a jerk? Your Gran isn’t normally expected to get you a gift for Valentine’s Day, so perhaps he should have been grateful that she even had him in mind.

But Jevon – Jevon has something to complain about! Why would someone give a bicycle as a gift without a front wheel?

Well… this is awkward. Anything that even reminds someone of Rolf Harris should be immediately thrown in the trash, and certainly not given as a gift. A Rolf Harris book entitled Beastly Behaviour? That’s just inexcusable, and I think this one really may have been the worst gift ever! Have a look at the look of pure horror on the face of that poor creature!

If these Donald Trump – um – “personal accessories” really do exist, then surely they would qualify as the worst THING ever: a few ranks higher than the #WorstGiftEver.

Something tells me this “best friend” was getting these hammer/screwdriver combo things wholesale.

Aww… bless Gran and her naivete! At least she remembers every birthday, even if she can’t remember what she gave you the year before, or want an 18-year-old might like. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Who gives popcorn as a gift? And even if we can concede that it is a legitimate gift (it’s not) – who would go on to give burnt popcorn as a gift?

Those had better be some juicy strawberries! How do you get your twin a tattoo, anyway?

This dog is not impressed. Hopefully he has no concept of birthdays. He probably does have a concept of revenge, though. If I was his owner, I would be careful or putting my feet into my slippers tonight.

That’s a hat? I thought it was just terrible, terrible hair! It’s funny how this person considers it to be her #WorstGiftEver, yet she felt fine about gifting it to her neighbor. Should we be waiting for the neighbors follow-up tweet about how they have just received their own #WorstGiftEver?

Now it’s your turn: join in the fun and tell us about your #WorstGiftEver. That see if you can beat some of the terrible gifts we’ve featured here!

[Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Official YouTube Channel]