‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake And Sam Dig, Laura Pressures Liz, And Dillon Makes A Move

There are juicy moments ahead on Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that viewers will get to see what happens next with Olivia, Julian, and the baby, a big admission from Dillon, and plenty more regarding Jake, Sam, Laura, Liz, and many others in Port Charles. What can everybody expect from the October 9 episode?

As She Knows Soaps details, Jake and Sam will talk about trying to figure out who he is. Despite plenty of signs and flashbacks, Jake has not yet figured out he is Jason Morgan. General Hospital spoilers tease that he will reference having less than a month to figure it all out, surely referencing the date he is slated to marry Elizabeth.

'General Hospital' star Genie Francis

Laura will plead with Liz to tell Jake the truth, that he is Jason Morgan, to get everything out on the table before Sam married Patrick and Liz makes Jake. However, there are no signs that Elizabeth is ready to come clean.

Rather, it sounds as if she will soon go running to Nikolas again to try to figure out how they can continue to keep this under wraps. Between Hayden and Laura, plus Jake and Sam working on this, fans know that the truth is on the verge of finally coming out once and for all.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, there is the mess involving Valerie, Dante, Lulu, and Dillon. Viewers watched on Thursday as a mix-up led Nathan to believe that Valerie was pregnant. As Celeb Dirty Laundry points out, there were some major leaps and assumptions made as this all played out, as even if the test belonged to Valerie, it had not yet been opened, so it’s hardly a confirmation that she is pregnant.

Fans have suspected for quite some time now that Valerie would be pregnant as a result of her fling with Dante. There are still plenty of signs pointing in that direction, but some wonder if the plan has changed. Either way, General Hospital spoilers tease that the pregnancy allegations will spark plenty of chaos. It seems that Dillon will perhaps use this latest tidbit as an excuse to tell Lulu his feelings for her.

'General Hospital' star Emme Rylan

What about Olivia, Leo, and Julian? Olivia has been desperate to find a way to bring Leo back to town and keep him safe from Julian. However, bumping into Julian wasn’t exactly a part of the plan.

General Hospital spoilers share that he will ask her whose baby she has, and she will seemingly do some new scrambling to cover up the truth. Olivia has considered many different plans about what to do about this baby situation, and teasers have indicated that a new plan is on the horizon. From the sounds of things, she still will hold back the truth from Julian, but will she succeed?

Jake and Sam will be digging around in Friday’s episode, but it seems it leads them to a troublesome situation. Will their working together finally lead the way to Jake realizing he is Jason? Fans won’t want to miss any of this drama as it plays out in the weeks to come leading to big revelations during the General Hospital November sweeps.

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