March 11, 2017
Tiger Woods' Woods Jupiter Is Knocking It Out Of The Park

Well, it can't be said right now that Tiger Woods is knocking it out of the park in his athletic life, but even skeptics must admit that he has defied the odds and presented dining culture a new option, which is an elegant sports bar with great food. Even hardened restaurant critics have come away with pleasant words and smiles on their normally scowling faces.

The Inquisitr reported that fans, diners, and even employees are impressed by the launch out of the gate. If there is any disappointment, it would be that fans want to see the man himself, elbow to elbow at the bar. But now that Woods is recovering from surgery and done for the season, folks might see him a bit more at dinner. Remember, he intentionally built the restaurant in Jupiter, his hometown, so that he could pop by for a meal. put it out there plainly that Tiger Woods is killing it, which is a turn of phrase they didn't think they would ever post again.'s reviewer popped by for a happy hour at 5 p.m. to partake of the discounted calamari. Surrounded by a huge crowd described as moneyed "silver foxes and platinum blondes, many with that new wife smell."

The reviewer admits that there were doubts abounding that Woods could pull off the restaurant of his dreams.

"It didn't take a cynic to cast a jaundiced eye upon the project, to interpret it as an easy grab at brand expansion, driven not by Tiger Woods but by Tiger WoodsTM. Surely, one suspected, the venture wasn't borne of any lifelong passion. Those posters on Tiger's childhood bedroom wall were of Jack Nicklaus, not Jacques Pepin."

The reviewer had a Caprese salad for an appetizer and lobster cakes for an entree, alongside an elegant meat and cheese platter. Dessert sealed the deal with a chocolate cake made with stout and garnished with candied bacon.

What were some suggestions from the reviewer?

"'Here's what he should do,' my companion continues. Everyone, of course, has advice for Tiger. 'He should show up announced, buy drinks at the bar. Just hang out, you know, like a regular person.'"

If that is the only suggestion, Woods has a hit.

But according to the Inquisitr, Woods has still not had his official grand opening, complete with celebrity friends like Lindsey Vonn maybe? Woods had a soft opening with a red velvet rope and everything, but Woods has promised a serious bash once the NFL season was in full swing. Well, it's swinging, and it has been reported that Woods has taken in more than one game since the season started, but a big private party is likely under wraps.
Both Woods and Vonn are in recovery mode from orthopedic situations, and while Woods is laying low, Vonn is working out like she is starring in a new female version of Rocky.

Regardless, Woods might be back to seeming like the genius he was thought to be by preparing his second act with a cool hangout spot on a gorgeous harbor that makes him serious bank. Top that off with Woods moving his international headquarters in the same development and it seems like Woods will have a cozy retirement from golf down in Jupiter.

Do you want to check out Woods Jupiter?

[Photo courtesy of Kevin Cox/GettyImages]