Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ Grosses Over $20 Million In Just Three Weeks

Madonna’s current Rebel Heart Tour is being received as a mega-hit. All ten shows reported for the month of September were not only reported as sellouts on Billboard‘s Current Boxscore chart, but when the grosses from the shows were added up, they earned slightly over $20 million. Plus, Madonna didn’t even begin her tour until the second week of September.

Even more significant is the fact that Madonna is playing her latest tour in concert halls instead of stadiums. She could have easily played to huge stadium crowd in some of the cities to make a lot more money. However, the theatrical setup for the current Rebel Heart Tour isn’t made for stadiums. Fans and critics don’t seem to mind, as the Rebel Heart Tour has earned Madonna the biggest rave reviews out of any tour in her 30-year career. ChicagoNow is one of the outlets that loved Madonna’s latest outing.

“Don’t you dare tell me she is too old. I dare you to attend one of her concerts. Every word, every breathe, every pulsating sound of light and energy that was experienced last night vibrates within everyone who was in the United Center and was privileged to experience the power of Madonna.”

In a four-star review, the Toronto Star says Madonna’s current tour is her most ambitious.

“For the first of two sell-out concerts in front of an adoring crowd of 14,000, the just-christened nominee for the Songwriters Hall of Fame did what she does best — entertain and titillate, with some stunning visuals and a coterie of 20 dancers who often performed breathtaking moves.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune says Madonna’s latest show is more playful than provocative.

“It was a lot easier to like Madonna on Thursday night at Xcel Energy Center than it was in 2012 there. Her MDNA Tour was disturbingly dark and violent. This year’s Rebel Heart Tour found a kinder, gentler and happier Madonna.”

The review goes on to note that Madonna performed despite waking up with a fever on the day of the show. Like other reviews, this one states that Madonna is at her best when she just sits and sings instead of purposely trying to be provocative. She dedicated the song “La Vie En Rose” to Minneapolis native Prince.

There is other good news for Madonna. The positive response to her current concert tour has sent her so-called flop album Rebel Heart back up Billboard‘s album charts. It was out of the Top 200 last week, but reappears at No. 149 this week. Even better is the fact that the United World Chart reports that Rebel Heart has sold 809,000 copies so far, making it one of the top international selling albums this year — not bad for a so-called “flop” album that many were able to download for free three months before its actual release due to illegal leaks.

Madonna will continue to tour the United States until the end of the month. She hits Europe in November and will return to the United States again, in January, before heading to Australia and different parts of Asia in February and March. If rumors turn out to be true, Madonna will be returning to the United States during the spring or summer for additional tour dates, including multiple ones in New York City. Have you seen Madonna’s current tour yet? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo courtesy of Live Nation Entertainment]