October 9, 2015
Chelsea Clinton Appears On 'Ellen,' 'Extra,' Discusses Ivanka Trump, Political Aspirations, Mother's Candidacy [Video]

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State and Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, appeared on both The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Extra yesterday where she discussed her new children's book, It's Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going!, her mother's presidential candidacy, her own political ambitions, and her relationship with Ivanka Trump.

Chelsea Clinton was born in 1980, during her father's first term as governor of Arkansas. When Ellen DeGeneres asked Clinton if America would ever see her running for president, the author and journalist did not rule out the possibility.

"The first time someone asked me if I'd ever have a political career, I think I was about three," Chelsea stated, causing Ellen's audience to murmur. "And my dad was running for governor of Arkansas. He was running for reelection. And we were at a campaign event... This woman came up to me and asked me, 'Chelsea, do you want to be the governor of Arkansas someday?' I think I said 'Ma'am I'm three!'" drawing laughs from audience members.

Clinton then discussed that she is now at a different point in her life and that she feels there "are many ways to serve." Chelsea also noted how she feels "lucky" to live where she does and that she supports the leadership that represents her. She then pointed out that if she didn't support the leadership, she might have to look at the question differently, neither confirming nor denying that she has political ambitions.

Ellen made light of the fact that Chelsea did not answer her question directly and said that she is "a politician" because she didn't.

Chelsea Clinton, Bill Clinton, Marc Mezvinsky.
Former President Bill Clinton with his daughter, Chelsea, and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky.

Clinton then exclaimed "I don't know!" in an embarrassed, exasperated manner several times, while the audience laughed.

Clinton and Ellen also discussed Hillary Clinton's appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend; Chelsea stated that she thinks her mother is "really funny" and that she fully supports her mother making such appearances.

"I won the mom jackpot," Clinton said.

Ellen brought up Chelsea Clinton's and her spouse, Marc Mezinsky's, daughter, Charlotte, who was born in September, 2014, as reported by CNN, and her feelings on the attacks Hillary has come under due to the e-mail scandal.

Chelsea spoke about how, since she has become a mother herself, she has gained a greater understanding of what a great person she feels her mother is, how she fully supports her presidential ambitions, and admires her perseverance in the face of attackers.

Chelsea Clinton also appeared on Extra later in the day where she was interviewed by Terri Seymour.

Seymour asked Clinton about her motivation behind It's Your World. Clinton responded that she had met so many children who have asked questions about how the world works and the environment. Chelsea said that when she found out she was going to be a mother herself that she "just had to write this book." Clinton stated that her goal is to inspire kids to try and help make a difference and also to share stories of children that already have.

Terri Seymour then brought up Clinton's friendship with Ivanka Trump.

"I am very good friends with Ivanka. And I love Ivanka and I think friendship always trumps politics and that's how it should be," Clinton stated with finality.

Chelsea Clinton promotes book.
Chelsea Clinton promotes her new book, 'It's Your World,' at Barnes and Noble in New York, on September 15.

Seymour then asked if the current situation, with each of their parents running for president of the United States, has made their friendship more challenging. Again with finality, Clinton said that she doesn't think it does and that she doesn't think it will going forward.

Seymour then asked Clinton how she is supporting her mother's run for president. Clinton responded that she talks with everyone who wants to know about her mother and again noted that, herself, now being a mother, has helped to reinforce how much she loves and supports her own mother.

"It changes everything," Seymour stated, with Clinton heartily agreeing. Chelsea said that she not only supports Hillary as her daughter, but also as a voter.

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