Everything You Need To Know For Next Month’s ‘Fallout 4’ Launch

Following a multi-year wait for another entry in the Fallout series, fans will finally be playing Fallout 4 in just a few short weeks. Considering that the title wasn’t even officially revealed to the world until June of this year, the approaching launch likely seems to be coming fast.

As they continue to ramp up for the game’s upcoming release this November, Bethesda has compiled a handy guide detailing some of the most important information that gamers will need to know about the launch of the next installment of the popular franchise. Detailing exactly what gamers will need to be prepared for when Fallout 4 land on current-gen platforms next month, Bethesda finally released exact specifications to let both console and PC users know whether they can run the game.

Fallout 4

For the first time, Bethesda has confirmed the full PC system requirements for Fallout 4. The most interesting thing noted is that the developer has now stated that gamers will need to have both an active internet connection and a Steam account to play Fallout 4. Additional basic PC specifications require at least a 64 bit operating system for Windows 7 or newer along with 8 GB of RAM. The PC edition of the game will also need 30 GB of free disk space.

While console gamers don’t have to worry about meeting any system specifications, they will still need to ensure that they have enough room on their hard disc drive. For Xbox One and Playstation 4 players, Fallout 4 will require anywhere between 28-35 GB of hard drive space. The discrepancy in exactly how much space is needed will depend on what language packs will need to be supported in each region.

Fallout 4

Before now, all that was known about when Fallout 4 was set to release was that it would go live across all platforms at some point on November 10. Making sure anxious fans will be able to know the exact minute that Fallout 4 becomes playable, Bethesda has now confirmed that the game will digitally launch precisely one minute after midnight as soon as the launch date begins.

“Want to know exactly when you can start playing Fallout 4? Digitally the game will become available on November 10, 2015, at 12:01 am (local time) in all territories (In North America, the unlock time will be 12:01 am EST), except Asia (available at 12 am on Wednesday, November 11th) and Japan (available at 12 am on Thursday, December 17th).”

Offering up a few extra details regarding the PC edition of Fallout 4, the developer also announced that the game will feature plug-and-play gamepad functionality to allow users to easily play with Xbox controllers. Since Fallout 4 will require a steam account to play on PC, the title will also naturally support Steam Achievements.

There is also still time to pick up the any of the pre-order bonuses ahead of the Fallout 4 launch. Anyone that purchases a physical copy of the game will receive a free Vault Boy poster that displays every perk available in the game. Digital editions of the game have various pre-order bonuses, which were previously detailed by the Inquisitr.

Fallout 4

“Everyone who pre-orders a physical copy of the regular or Pip-Boy Edition of the game will receive a Perk Poster with your copy of the game. Digital pre-order bonuses vary by retailer, check with your retailer for more info.”

Helping to keep fans excited leading up to the launch of Fallout 4, Bethesda also released the latest installment of their weekly cartoon series that provides an entertaining look at to each one of Fallout 4‘s character attributes included as part of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system. This week’s episode shows off the pros that Intelligence holds in the title’s post-apocalyptic world.

Will Fallout 4 be a day-one purchase for you?

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