‘Unauthorized Melrose Place’: Lifetime To Air True-Story Movie Starring Ciara Hanna As The Sexy Heather Locklear

Unauthorized Melrose Place is the newest true-story movie that will premiere on the Lifetime channel. This year, Lifetime viewers enjoyed two other unauthorized movies. This weekend, fans get to travel back in time to watch the true story about another hot 1990s TV series. Unauthorized Melrose Place, which is directed by Mark Griffiths, stars Ashley Alexander, Frank Rose Bailey IV, Brendan Beiser, and Ciara Hanna as Heather Locklear, according to The Movie Internet Database (IMDB).

The Unauthorized Melrose Place Lifetime true-story movie. (photo credit: Facebook/Lifetime)

Lifetime’s Unauthorized Melrose Place will dig deep into the behind-the-scenes action of the 1990s Melrose Place. The new movie will re-enact the drama between cast members, including the fights and the jealousy that arose when Healther Locklear came on board to play Amanda. Heather Locklear was brought in later specifically to spice up the show — and she knew it. In interviews from the early 1990s, she even stated that she was the one who brought the “fire” and the “excitement” to the show. And well, that was exactly true.

Anyone who remembers the time between when Melrose Place first premiered in July, 1992 — and the time Heather Locklear’s Amanda came to Melrose Place — knows that she was the sexy, blonde vixen that everyone loved to hate. She brought a fiery sexual flow to the show, and her steamy love scenes captured the attention of teens and young adults. The attention Heather Locklear received angered some of the other cast members, who then begged producers to beef up their story lines in an effort to make themselves the break out stars of the show.

The original Melrose Place centered around a group of eight young people in their twenties who lived in a courtyard apartment complex located in Melrose Place, a trendy living area in Los Angeles. The drop-dead gorgeous cast, coupled with the sex, lies, and drama that was the basis of the show, made it a hit. Melrose Place was created as a spin off to the already-successful Beverly Hills, 90210. According to the show’s producer, Aaron Spelling, father of Tori Spelling, he wanted to take the successful part of Beverly Hills, 90210 and transplant those same elements into Melrose Place — but with an older cast that catered to the twenty-somethings, instead of teens.

Many of the cast members felt the issues that faced the young adults on Melrose Place mirrored the problems that most American adults face: problems in relationships, problems in college, issues on the job, betrayals, and disappointments. The show also introduced a gay theme that included a scene featuring a gay kiss that Fox refused to show — because the network, nor America, was ready to see that on television, according to ABC News.

The original Melrose cast included: Grant Show, who played Jake Hanson, the handsome construction worker. Thomas Calabro, who played Dr. Michael Mancini, the medical intern. Then, there was Jane, played by Josie Bissett, an up-and-coming fashion designer. Alison Parker (Courtney Thorne-Smith) was a Midwestern woman who was new in town. Billy Campbell (Andrew Shue) was a writer and roommate to Alison. Matt Fielding, played by Doug Savant, was the homosexual social worker, and Heather Locklear played the stunning Amanda Woodward.

Heather Locklear’s character Amanda Woodward was the star of the show. (photo credit: O Dynastia/Facebook)

The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story is sure to be a movie favorite among Lifetime viewers and old fans of the original Melrose Place. So, set your clocks to watch Lifetime’s latest new true-story movie, #‎UnauthorizedMelrose at 8/7 central. After the movie, tune in to Lifetime’s special documentary — Beyond the Headlines: Melrose Place, which will show the real people who inspired the movie. For more interesting reading, check out information of Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 and Unauthorized Full House.

“‘The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story’ highlights the remarkable behind-the-scenes moments that shaped the series including cast drama, Heather Locklear arriving to ‘save’ Melrose Place, and the actors begging their writers for even wilder storylines to make them fan favorites. ‘The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story’ is executive produced by Braunstein and Michael Larkin (‘Secrets in the Walls’), produced by Bruyere and written by Dana Schmalenberg (‘Single Ladies’).”

[Photo Credit: Lifetime/ Facebook]