October 8, 2015
Austin Mahone Talks New Single 'Dirty Work' And Releases New Song 'Put It On Me'

Austin Mahone is taking over the U.S. with his music. The 19-year-old is ready to release some new music -- and hopefully a new album sometime soon. He's also releasing his new song with Sage the Gemini.

Austin Mahone's latest single, "Dirty Work," definitely shows that the singer is all grown up. His video shows the singer getting dirty with his co-workers in an office cubicle. Mahone also looks completely different since he's rocking a slicked back hairstyle with his shirt and tie, which he loosens up as he dances across the office. He recent sat down with Sugarscape for an exclusive interview about his "fun" and sexy new single.

"Dirty Work is just a fun song you can get down to. It's an upbeat track that people are gonna enjoy."

So, is Austin's new album going to sound like his single? He hinted to the British teen magazine that it's going to have a mixture of R&B and pop, with some collaborations sprinkled throughout. That would explain Austin's new song with Sage the Gemini. To the surprise of his fans, Austin released his new song on his official SoundCloud page on Wednesday, October 7.

Sage the Gemini is known for making magic happen with white male singers who go the R&B route. He previously collaborated with Nick Jonas on their song "Good Thing," which has been playing nonstop on the radio. Austin Mahone's new single sounds like something that you would also hear on a Top 40 station.

(Credit: Austin Mahone/Instagram)
(Credit: Austin Mahone/Instagram)

If you like "Dirty Work," then you will definitely love "Put It On Me." It has the rapper's classic sound and mature lyrics such as "You know what I need/A night alone with your body/Put it on me." Mahone's new song is perfect for bumping along to at the nightclub. It also perfectly shows off his newly matured vocals and fresh R&B sound, like he hinted in his interview.

"Put It On Me" is the grown up follow-up single to "What About Love" and "Say Somethin'." It's the fourth single that Austin has released in two months, making fans wonder where his new album is at! It would be the follow-up to his EP, The Secret. In his interview with Sugarscape, Austin revealed that although he's still working on his new album, it'll be out for release soon. It may come out by the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016.

"It's sounding pretty great, man. I'm just putting it together. I should have it done by the end of the year or the top of next year."

So what's taking so long with Mahone's new album? According to a previous report via the Direct Lyrics, his label Roc Nation have been pushing off his album. Apparently, Mahone has been waiting a long time to release his full-length debut album, and they're still making him wait. The singer uses social media not only to promote his music, but to also connect with his fans aka "Mahomies." Mahone also provides his fans with free tracks via his SoundCloud page.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The aforementioned source also hinted that "Put It On Me" could be Austin's latest single. However, it still hasn't been released to iTunes for purchase, as of yet. Only time will tell if it will slay both the Billboard and iTunes charts.

Prior to becoming the nicer (and cuter) version of Justin Bieber, the singer said that he worked at a bowling alley. He also did some dirty work for his own uncle.

"I mean, I had to set up bowling pins at a bowling alley. That was pretty cool, I got paid some pretty good bucks. I used to plant flowers and stuff for my uncle; that was pretty dirty. He paid me like a hundred bucks, it wasn't all the time."

What are your thoughts on Austin Mahone's new rumored single? Do you think it has the potential to become a hit? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]