Ed Sheeran To Become Ordained Minister To Perform Courteney Cox's Wedding

Stacey Cole

Ed Sheeran has a knack for matchmaking, as the Inquisitr previously posted.

Not only did Ed Sheeran introduce Courteney Cox to Johnny McDaid, leading to their engagement and upcoming wedding ceremony, but he also famously facilitated the proposal of Rixon's Jake Roche to his now fiance, Little Mix's Jesy Nelson. He also facilitated the onstage proposal of Kodaline's Jason Boland to his then girlfriend, now fiancé Etaoin Corr. And Ed Sheeran hasn't restricted his matchmaking prowess to celebrity couples, either, with the music superstar taking time out of his busy schedule to arrive unannounced at a fan's wedding to perform their favorite song, "Thinking out Loud," for the couple's first dance.

The Inquisitr also previously posted that, as a thank you helping out with the successful marriage proposal to Jesy Nelson, Jason Boland promised Ed Sheeran baby naming rights for his and Jesy's firstborn child.

It's been less than a week since that happened, and already Ed Sheeran has another coup under his belt. It seems that Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid are so indebted to Ed Sheeran for introducing the pair a few years ago that they have asked him to become ordained so that he can officiate at their upcoming wedding ceremony, the Daily Mail reported.

Is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of Joey Tribiani becoming ordained on the hit TV show Friends in order to officiate at Monica and Chandler's wedding?

"You get a minister and a entertainer..Im a ministainer" #Joey #Friends

— Triple P (@petelostylez) August 26, 2015

And especially when you consider that Monica was played by Courteney Cox... perhaps this is where Courteney and Johnny got the idea from.

Chandler and Monica's wedding got me so emotional. pic.twitter.com/Q8aMZKWvA0

— mr. bing (@yaschandler) September 6, 2015

The Daily Mail reported that Courteney Cox had already announced back in August 2015 that Ed Sheeran would be singing some songs at her wedding, and now it seems that she and her soon-to-be husband have got greater plans for Ed Sheeran at the upcoming nuptials.

"We are certainly grateful to Ed for introducing us. I can't imagine him not playing something at the wedding."

Courteney Cox has been very vocal about Ed Sheeran's role in matchmaking herself and Johnny, and it appears that she wanted Ed Sheeran to be one of many musical superstars to perform at her wedding.

According to the Independent, it really is as easy to get ordained as a minister in California as Joey Tribiani on Friends would have us believe.

Apparently it can take as little as 72 hours to become legally ordained, with Christian Harvest Church offering their "Clergy Pack 1" for $78, which entitles new ministers to start their own wedding chapel and perform weddings wherever they like.

"Perform a wedding in a chapel, park, boat, air balloon, roller coaster, on the beach or in an apartment... Start your own Ministry or church and perform any other service normally performed by an ordained minister."

In another coincidence, the Irish rock group Kodaline will also be performing at Courteney and Johnny's wedding, the Independent reported. You may remember that Ed Sheeran helped Kodaline's Jason Boland to propose to Etaoin Corr live on stage. It seems that the entire group stayed at Courteney and Johnny's home in Malibu for a week after Courteney Cox directed the music video for "Love Will Set You Free." The pivotal song also happens to have been co-written by Johnny McDaid himself, so it seems that there is no end to the connections between Ed Sheeran and his lucky matchmaking recipients.

Ed Sheeran to 'become a minister so he can marry Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid' http://t.co/YKFJ6ruwS9 pic.twitter.com/JXhh0grQNI

— Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) October 4, 2015

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