Heather Dubrow Causing Trouble In The OC: Bonding Too Much With Meghan Edmonds?

Heather Dubrow may claim to be staying out of trouble on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but it sounds like she is getting into trouble outside of the show. Heather may just be filming the show with her co-stars, including Meghan Edmonds, but her friendship with the new housewife is causing some trouble behind the scenes. Of course, before Meghan came onto the scene, Jimmy was married to a woman named Allison, who just so happens to know Dubrow.

Apparently, Heather Dubrow was friends with his ex-wife before Jimmy married Meghan. Apparently, Dubrow played a role in getting Edmonds on to the show, and that doesn’t sit well with the ex-wife. One would think that she would be the first in line to get on the show, since Heather and Allison were friends.

According to a new Radar Online report, Heather Dubrow is now causing drama away from the cameras as Allison Edmonds isn’t happy with her. Apparently, she knows that Heather helped Meghan get a role on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and it isn’t sitting well with her.

Meghan and Heather RHOC

“Allison and Heather used to be very close, but they’re definitely not anymore,” a source has revealed of Allison, who finalized her divorce over a year ago, adding, “There’s no way Allison would be okay with Heather and Meghan being friends. Allison has chosen to drop Heather from her life.”

In other words, it sounds like Heather Dubrow is no longer friends with the ex-wife, because she is bonding so much with Meghan Edmonds. Jimmy and Allison have two children together, Sutton and Landon, and she is particularly hurt by Heather, because of her role in getting Meghan on the show. Clearly, Allison isn’t a big fan of Meghan, and Meghan has hinted this in her one-on-one interviews for the show.

“She had a lot to do in securing the role for Meghan,” the source reveals, adding, “Allison feels betrayed. She would never have done to Heather what she did to her.”

Maybe Jimmy’s ex-wife feels that Heather Dubrow chose Meghan over Allison and she feels disrespected. Part of the reason why his ex-wife doesn’t like Meghan is because she keeps overstepping her boundaries in regards to the parenting. While Heather Dubrow isn’t exactly involved in this, it is possible she knew about Allison’s feelings, as they could have talked about it when they were friends.

Meghan and Jimmy

“Meghan does what she wants when it comes to Allison’s children,” the insider explained, adding, “She posts photos of the kids on her social media. When Allison told her she was upset and asked her to take the pictures down, Meghan refused.”

Of course, Heather has been busy working on her own business and maybe her friendships are falling to the side. Since Jimmy’s ex-wife isn’t on the show, it is very possible that Dubrow sees her when the cameras are not around. In addition, Dubrow has been busy working on her skincare line with her husband and supporting him on Botched — a reality show where he fixes botched surgeries. But just because her husband is a surgeon doesn’t mean Dubrow has breast implants.

“I’m the only woman left in Orange County who has natural breasts. I haven’t had any plastic surgery,” Heather told Page Six according to Radar Online, adding, “There’s no upside to working on celebrities. If it goes great, they tell no one. If there’s a problem, they tell everyone.”

What do you think of Heather Dubrow’s relationship with Meghan? Do you think it is causing trouble with Jimmy’s ex-wife and her friend Allison, or do you think they have simply grown apart?

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