Tom Cruise Is Reportedly Leaving Hollywood For Florida To Be Closer To Scientology Center

Tom Cruise is loading up the truck and moving out of Beverly. Hills that is, and his house is on the market for $50 million. It seems that there aren’t enough folks in Hollywood that are simpatico with Cruise’s love of Scientology. He is reportedly moving his whole base of operations to Florida, where, according to Cruise, people aren’t as “phony.”

The Inquisitr reported that Cruise was in the news earlier this week because his daughter Isabella’s marriage to a non-Scientologist was announced, and also made public was his lack of attendance. Cruise said he was asked not to come so that the wedding could be private, but sources say that Isabella’s mother, Nicole Kidman, was there, and had dinner the night before with Isabella and her fiancé.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Cruise really doesn’t want to return to California, as he wants to sell his Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills homes at the same time.

“Tom hates living in LA and is relocating to Florida,’ a source said. ‘He thinks all the people in Hollywood are fake.”

Cruise says that the fact that The Church of Scientology’s headquarters are in Clearwater, Florida, is merely a coincidence, and that fellow Scientology follower John Travolta convinced him to make the move. Cruise, who has now completed his third divorce, will be moving across country from his only minor child, Suri, with actress Katie Holmes.

According to Realty Today, Cruise’s Hollywood Hills home on Mulholland is said to be a Scientology retreat, and has the asking price of $13 million.

“The European-style villa, which measures 2.5 acres, was rumored to be the retreatment facility for high-level members of the church Scientology. The property is reportedly located in a gated area overlooking the city.”

There are three ensuite bedrooms and paths and bridges for hikes around the property.

The Huffington Post has reported that Clearwater, Florida, is developing sympathy for Scientology, as local theaters succumbed to the pressure to remove the anti-Scientology movie Going Clear from area theaters, much to the dismay of director Alex Gibney.

Gibney told the Tampa Bay Times he found the cancelation “shocking,” adding that “it seems to be consistent with what we know about how far the church will go to keep members from hearing anything negative about the church.”

Church representatives said that Scientology had nothing to do with the movie being removed from theaters, and that statement is “fiction just like the movie.”

According to the Inquisitr, Scientology has had a rough week in the press, as one of its members, Cathriona White, actor Jim Carrey’s girlfriend, committed suicide after allegedly going through an intensive purification program through the Church of Scientology. White had a history of depression and drug use, and removed prescription drugs from Carrey’s home to use them to end her life. After her death, it was also revealed that White was still currently married to another member of the Church of Scientology.

The next blow to Scientology might be Leah Remini’s tell-all about her time in the church, and what has happened since she left. The book will be out the first week of November.

Do you think Tom Cruise is really leaving Hollywood because there are too many phonies?

[Photo courtesy of Kevin Lee/Getty Images]