Sofia Vergara: Bridal Beauty Tips And Baby News

Sofia Vergara always looks sensational, whether acting and up to her crazy antics on the hit show Modern Family, or strolling with soon-to-be-hubby Joe Maganiello into some ritzy Hollywood event. Her skin and makeup is always impossibly radiant with deep red pops of lip color and not a blemish to be seen. This bride-to-be has communicated some of her favorite go-to products that help keep her looking her best without breaking the bank–tips that she intends to put to use even on her big day.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 07: Actor Joe Manganiello poses with Sofia Vergara. May 7, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Vergara, now 43, is adamant that she look her best both in pictures and in person. The caked on beauty look that so many makeup artists use in order to ensure clients are fantastically photogenic means that in person, the clients’ face looks a bit too intense. Vergara is about striking a balance that is beautiful from all vantage points. The star relayed this to Hollywood Life recently.

“There are some people who don’t care if [makeup] looks good in person, I do. I am always fighting with makeup artists because I don’t understand the psychology of putting all that makeup on then you look great in the pictures, but in person, people can’t stop staring at you. It makes you look old. So I always want to look good in person, too, for me that’s super important.”

Two must-haves in Vergara’s makeup regimen include an $11 foundation and a $10 lipstick that take her from natural to naturally luminous. Cover Girl Outlast Foundation is Sofia’s selection for her perfect base and has been noted as a top pick by the New York Times for any woman to achieve the perfect base.

Kayleen McAdams, Vergara’s Canadian-born makeup artist, has learned many techniques when beautifying the already beautiful Ms. Vergara. Sofia shares that although Kayleen had yet to style a client who is of a Latin background, she has stepped it up and done wonders to highlight Vergara’s natural appeal.

“Kayleen is Canadian and blonde and beautiful. I am Latin. So I have a different approach to beauty from where I come from. In Latin America, you do your whole makeup all the time. To me, it’s like washing my hair in the morning — it’s part of my routine. It’s like putting on deodorant for me, putting on lipstick and mascara, I don’t even think about it. I love it. So seven years ago when I met her, I had my view of what makeup should be. And I’d been working for 20 something years so I already knew what would work for me. Kayleen had never worked with somebody Latin. For her, they asked her more about the natural look that I had never really asked for. I want to look pretty and made up, but I don’t want to look unnatural or like a clown.”

So Kayleen’s prime responsibilty has been to strike that requested balance by Sofia. The talented artist certainly has done an impeccable job in achieving and exceeding expectations to ensure Vergara looks stunning and “pretty” without looking over-the-top or “like a clown.” However, there was a bit of a tug-of-war in the attempt to find that balance, as Kayleen was adamant that Sofia should try a nude lip as opposed to her deep go-to reds.

“So we have come, in seven years, we have learned about each other. [A]t a photo shoot we just did, she knows when they say ‘do a nude lip,’ — to me that’s the most awful thing that anyone would do. That’s like erasing your mouth! So she would come and layout, for her, a nude lip. So we compromise a little for what ‘nude’ is for me. So we have learned how to take the things that she likes and the things that I like and put them together.”

Regardless of the manner the two work to arrive at Vergara’s final look, they certainly make a great team. The results are consistently on point. Surely Sofia’s fiance Joe can agree. The two are set to wed in the very near future and Vergara has already been talking about expanding their family with In Style during an interview for the publications October issue, as People relays. Sofia has noted that she will need a surrogate to help her out seeing as she is at an age that makes it extremely difficult to birth her own little one.

 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

This Latin bombshell has certainly got a lot of great things happening and the perfect attitude and makeup to match.

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