‘Minecraft’ Takes To The Skies, Next Update To Add Flying Capes

David Stonecipher - Author

Oct. 7 2015, Updated 3:13 p.m. ET

There already exists a wide variety of ways to traverse Minecraft‘s large, open environments. The popular block-building title currently gives gamers several options for when they decide to venture out into the game’s voxel landscapes. In addition to traveling through Minecraft on horseback, users can sail the seas by constructing a boat or ride the rails in mine carts after building their own network of tracks. Later in the game, players can even create portals that allow them to speedily move across great distances of Minecraft‘s blocky terrain.

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However, despite all of these forms of transportation, the skies of Minecraft have always been off limits to players. Outside of using the godmode-like cheats of creative mode, Minecraft has never given users the chance to fly through the air, but that is about to change after Mojang’s Jens Bergensten confirmed through a series of tweets that the developer is now working on a flight system that will be added as part of Minecraft‘s next update.

It has now been revealed that Patch 1.9 will add new gliding capes to Minecraft that will allow players to soar through the sky. According to Bergensten, this new equipment item will appear on the back of Minecraft‘s player avatars like a normal cape whenever they are on the ground. However, users will be able to fully deploy the cape once in the air. This causes the cape to spread open and function like wings. Using the cape lets fans truly fly in Minecraft for the first time ever as they soar through the sky in a similar fashion to how a hang-glider would function.


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