Jeff Simms Instagram: Corey’s Dad Shares New Photos Of Leah Messer’s Twins

Lindsay Cronin - Author

Oct. 28 2016, Updated 6:06 p.m. ET

Jeff Simms, father of Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms, has taken to Instagram, where he shared two new photos of Leah Messer’s twins, Ali and Aleeah.

“Aleeah Grace on her swing. #aligrace,” Jeff Simms wrote with his first photo on October 5.

Then, with his second Instagram picture, Jeff Simms told fans, “Impromptu Princess concert by Aliannah Hope. #aligrace.”

In Jeff Simms’ second photo, Ali was seen in a princess costume holding a wand.

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Jeff Simms has had a part-time role on Teen Mom 2 since the series began in 2011. At the time, he was at his son’s side as he welcomed his twins with Messer and later married her. However, while the two got along well during the early stages of their marriage, things quickly took a turn for the worse in early 2011, when Messer admitted to cheating on Jeff Simms’ son with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd.

Since Corey’s marriage to Messer ended, Jeff Simms has remained supportive of his son, and from what fans have seen on the show, he absolutely adores Corey’s new wife, Miranda, whom he wed in June 2013.

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As the stars of Teen Mom 2 come together for the reunion special, which began last week and concludes tonight, Jeff Simms’ son has taken on Messer. Although the only thing fans have seen thus far are a couple of hints at the new episode, things aren’t going to be pretty when Jeff Simms’ son sits down with Messer and Dr. Drew Pinsky to discuss the sixth season of the show, which included accusations of “unfit” parenting and drug use.

In late August, after Jeff Simms’ son accused Messer of hiding a drug problem on Teen Mom 2, Corey took to Twitter, where he explained his shocking allegations against his ex-wife, insisting he and wife Miranda had good reason to believe Messer was addicted to drugs.

Below is Jeff Simms’ son’s statement to fans.

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“Idk why I’m tweeting this because I honestly do not care what people think or what they say about me but anyways. There is a reason for everything that Miranda and myself have said or done. We simply want the girls to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. There is a lot of things that has been told to us by very close members of her family that lead us to believe the things being told are very much true. If we didn’t care about the girls or the situation we would obviously not have anything to say or do about it.”

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In addition to Jeff Simms’ son’s allegations against Messer, Messer has made a few comments about Jeff Simms’ son, as well, including an insinuation of his possible cheating on wife Miranda. While Corey and Miranda’s marriage remains intact long after Season 6 wrapped, Messer suggests during the reunion that Corey hasn’t always been honest with his wife — especially when it comes to the early months of their marriage.

For the last several years, Jeff Simms and his wife, Joletta, Corey’s stepmother, have been extremely active in the lives of Corey’s twins with Messer and appear to see them nearly every week. Meanwhile, the rest of the twins’ time is split between their mother and father, who share custody at this time.

For more of Jeff Simms’ family, and possibly Jeff Simms himself, tune into the second half of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special tonight, October 7, at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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