Allison Holker Announces Baby Surprise On ‘DWTS,’ Plans On Dancing Her Way Through Her Pregnancy

It was tears of joy for Allison Holker on Monday night as she made a surprise announcement live on air on Dancing with the Stars. She is pregnant! This is a first for the reality competition by having a dancing mama with a baby on board on the ballroom floor.

As reported by E! News, the pro dancer brought out her husband, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, and her cute daughter Weslie to share in the announcement and celebration. Holker was talking to host Erin Andrews in the green room about the theme of the night, which was “Most Memorable Year.” She had dance partner Andy Grammar with her as well. Allison then chose that moment to spread her joyful news.

“Well, as a pro, you know, most memorable year really is such a special time because we get to celebrate someone’s beautiful story and share it with the world. But I actually have a special guest here, come on here. This is my daughter and my husband. And 2015 is actually turning out to be such a memorable year for us, because we actually recently found out that I’m pregnant.”

The surprised looks on the faces of the other pro dancers and celebrities were priceless. They all gave the family-of-three, soon-to-be-four, plenty of hugs. Allison’s husband looked so happy at the prospect of a new baby. Holker is four months along in her pregnancy, although you certainly can’t tell at all.

The question that was on everyone’s minds was whether the pregnant dancer would be able to continue with her quest to win that mirror ball trophy with Grammar. Allison insists that she will be on board to the very end. She told Fox411 that she will not quit Dancing with the Stars.

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“I’ve already had a child and I danced almost the entire way through my pregnancy. If I were to stop dancing, that’s when you’re going to have a problem [because I would] get grumpy, emotional, [and] tired. I need dance. It’s so much a part of me that it makes me a better person every day. [And] I haven’t even been sick one day… I feel energized.”

She plans on enjoying every moment that she can get on the ballroom floor. Holker had kept the pregnancy a secret since she found out. Even her fellow dancers were not aware of it, as well as the celebrities. However, the DWTS producers had been told beforehand. The 27-year-old dancer said that she wanted to get her doctor visits in and to make sure all the right steps were taken first before the baby news was shared with the world.

Allison Holker met her husband on the set of So You Think You Can Dance and married in 2013. This will be their first baby together. Weslie, who is 7 years old, is from a previous relationship. You could tell that the three of them are excited about this new addition to their family. Her due date is March 24.

In keeping with tradition, Allison revealed to Fox411 that her big pregnancy craving is pickles. She also said that they have no idea what the sex of this bundle of joy is yet, but that the secret is safely tucked away in an envelope at home. They are thinking of having a gender reveal party soon.

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It will be fun to see the dancing mama on the ballroom floor as her baby bump grows in the next few weeks. It will also be interesting to see just what kind of adjustment Holker will need to make, if any, as she choreographs their dance moves as time goes on.

Were you surprised when Allison Holker made her pregnancy announcement?

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