Lady Gaga Says ‘American Horror Story’ Helped Her Feel Like A Normal Human

Lady Gaga recently opened up for an E! News interview, bearing her sole about the pain and isolation she’s dealt with since becoming unbelievably famous across the entire globe. She admits that being a pop icon has made it difficult to connect with humans, because most “normal” people aren’t interested in getting to know the real her. However, Lady Gaga also revealed that being cast in American Horror Story: Hotel has helped her get back to feeling normal again.

According to E! Online, Lady Gaga came in for a “stripped-down” interview, looking less like the eccentric glam pop star that the world knows and more like an everyday human being. She claims her time with her “soul mate” Ryan Murphy and the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel has helped her take her celebrity guard down and communicate with people on a more emotional level.

“I do know isolation,” Lady Gaga confessed, “because I’m famous and it’s hard to go be normal all the time. And when you meet people in public, 99 percent of the time, people aren’t that interested in really getting to know me. There’s sort of a wall between us that they think something of me that I’m not. I’m really just a human being that makes this… stuff.”

Lady Gaga and Ryan Murphy

Lady Gaga then went on to praise the kindness and acceptance she’s received while working on American Horror Story: Hotel and used that experience to encourage other people in the field of film-making to use that human connection as a model for their own sets. Essentially, Lady Gaga wants people to get along and love each other.

“I haven’t said this before, and I should have. I really hope, more than anything that anyone could take away from me being on Horror Story, I’d really, really like for artists and their managers and people in any industry to know the importance of caring for people that you work with, and keeping them in a good mental state and taking care of their health and making sure that we’re all OK. It’s important to work hard, and making money is important to survive, but what’s more important is that we support one another through the challenges of life.”

Ryan Murphy seems to have this effect on celebrities. Lady Gaga isn’t the only celebrity who felt thrilled and relieved to be a part of one of his shows. Like Lady Gaga’s experience on American Horror Story, Jamie Lee Curtis recently revealed her overwhelming gratitude for being a part of Ryan Murphy’s new horror show, Scream Queens. Read about how Jamie Lee Curtis is thankful to be cast in such a good show after doing so many “terrible” shows and movies here.

Just as American Horror Story seemed to heal Curtis’ mental state, Lady Gaga claims acting on the show has made her happier than ever.

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been now,” Lady Gaga admitted, “because the people that I work with really, really care that my life is different and really, really work to make sure that I feel as normal as possible—so that I can have a great time and just be a normal girl, and just be a woman for Ryan on film.”

Lady Gaga, American Horror Story: Hotel Promo

According to Bustle, Lady Gaga plays a “blood-obsessed” countess on the show, which does mesh with her bizarre stage persona.

Will you be seeing Lady Gaga on American Horror Story: Hotel? The show is set to premiere tomorrow, October 7 on FX.

Working with Ryan Murphy isn’t the first time Lady Gaga has ventured out of the realm of music to collaborate in the field of film. Lady Gaga recently made headlines after working with artist Marina Abramovic on a short but NSFW film. However, in this case, Abramovic was the one praising Lady Gaga, calling her her inspiration.

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