‘Far Cry Primal’ Release Date, Trailer Dropped — Why This Is Exciting For Ubisoft Fans

The Far Cry Primal release date has been announced, and Ubisoft is up to some new tricks this time. The producer behind Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, and Rayman appears to be trying something very new and different with their latest announcement for 2016.

This is not typical for Ubisoft, who seem to be going out of their way to rid themselves of the popular opinion that they just recycle their ideas every year. They attempted the same thing last year with Assassin’s Creed: Unity, but they apparently weren’t familiar enough with the technology to get the game released without a lot of glitches. Those glitches became the new reason to avoid the series, and Ubisoft is still trying to get it right.

Now with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate arriving this month, promising a whole new experience and possibly the most likable characters since Ezio Auditore, Ubisoft seems set to change up another major franchise.

When Far Cry Primal’s release date hits, it looks like it will turn the series on its head. Previous games have taken it to the tropics and the Himalayas, according to Coming Soon, while one even attempted to become an arcade-style parody on 80s action movies (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon).

It is yet unknown if any particular groups might be ignored as playable characters this time since Ubisoft was central to a controversy last year. This controversy revealed how the producer had rarely made the central character a female, and in the ill-fated Watch Dogs, one of the major bosses ended up being a very stereotypical black gangster. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate appears to be trying to change that with the inclusion of Evie Frye as a more stealth-heavy alternative to brother Jacob. Far Cry Primal appears to be starring aboriginal black characters, which is fitting for the time period.

Not much is known of this latest Far Cry, but it appears to be one of the most ambitious ideas Ubisoft has had in years. The Far Cry Primal release date will bring us back to the Ice Age, to when the glaciers had finally given way to lush nature and mankind was not yet the dominant species on Earth.

Polygon reports that on Ubisoft’s official blog, the game’s setting is quite different from previous entries, possibly setting up a surprise hit for the Far Cry Primal release date.

“Like any good hunter, Takkar (your character) carries an extensive set of survival skills, including the ability to craft tools and weapons from the bones of the beasts he slays and the resources he gathers in the wild. These are not only crucial for his own safety against predators (both human and animal), they’re also essential in maintaining the safety of his tribe. Takkar will need to guard his fledgling group carefully to ensure its survival and growth.”

Yes, hunting is back and hopefully as integral to the latest Far Cry as it was with Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Far Cry Primal is set to drop you in the prehistoric Oros as the last surviving hunter in your tribe bent on ensuring their safety and claiming your place as the biggest predator.

While the setting has been done before, it was rarely successful. Turok once tried to capitalize on the idea of hunting dinosaurs, but it seems Ubisoft is set on getting it right (if the Triceratops in the cave drawing is any indication).

Pre-order deals have been rumored, but they haven’t been posted yet. Pre-order DLC for the game will include “The Legend Of The Mammoth Mission Pack,” which may have gamers hunting down the ferocious wooly mammoth. Ubisoft has yet to reveal what it’s about, and links have not yet gone active at this time.

Are you excited to see Ubisoft’s latest on the Far Cry Primal release date of February 23, 2016, for PS4 and Xbox One? The PC version is set for a March 2016 release window.

[Feature image via PC Gamer]