Adam Lind Talks Leah Messer ‘Drug Problem,’ Chelsea Houska, And More ‘Teen Mom 2’ Gossip

Adam Lind recently gave a rare interview about his life and the ongoing drama of Teen Mom 2. As he and Chelsea Houska continue to battle for custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Aubree, Adam Lind spoke to the Examiner, dishing on everything from Leah Messer’s “drug problem” to Corey Simms’ relationship with Jeremy Calvert.

For the last couple of seasons, Adam Lind’s co-stars Simms and Calvert have had an up and down relationship due to their drama with Messer. However, after years of rockiness between them, Adam Lind claims Simms and Calvert are now friends, which goes against what Messer told fans just weeks ago. As fans will likely recall, Messer went on a Twitter rant last month, claiming Calvert can’t stand Simms and denying details revealed during their chat at a restaurant during Teen Mom 2 Season 6.

“I know Corey and Jeremy are still good friends,” Adam Lind claimed. “They talk and hangout. I’ve been in the changing room with both of them at the same time and there’s never been a problem.”

As for Messer’s ongoing issues on the show, Adam Lind applauded her for getting help for her “drug problem” by going to treatment in May.

“I think Leah is just trying to handle the stress and everything and it becomes too much sometimes. Everyone makes mistakes and social media just bashes the hell out of everyone all the time, no matter who you are and she’s just trying to get help for her drug problem, which is a really big step for anyone to do on their own.”

On Teen Mom 2, Adam Lind’s co-star Messer has continuously denied having a drug problem, so Adam Lind has either just revealed a shocking revelation about his co-star or he’s simply mistaken with his comment. Either way, Messer will surely not be happy when she finds out what Adam Lind said, especially since she’s been fighting back against drug abuse allegations for nearly an entire year. When Adam Lind was asked whether or not he likes filming Teen Mom 2, he claimed he doesn’t like filming “at all.” However, as for a possible exit from the series, Adam Lind said he was under contract and simply can’t quit the show. He also noted the financial aspect as the main draw of the show.

“I’m contracted so I can’t just up and quit. The one and only benefit with the show is obviously the money for me, Chelsea, Aubree, Paislee and Taylor. If I could go back seven years ago I wouldn’t have signed it.”

Prior to Adam Lind’s comment about Messer’s alleged drug problem, she faced accusations from both Simms and Calvert on the show. According to Simms, the father of her twin girls, Ali and Aleeah, Messer was hiding a drug problem and unable to be a fit parent because of it. Meanwhile, Calvert told a friend that Messer’s medication makes her act strange and told Simms what she was dealing with was a “prescription drug problem.” All the while, however, Adam Lind’s co-star Messer has denying being addicted to anything, claiming she went to treatment for issues with anxiety and depression.

For more of Adam Lind and the rest of the reality cast, be sure to tune into part two of the Teen Mom 2 Season 6 reunion, airing tomorrow night, October 7, at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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