Jason Priestley Angry At Tori Spelling For Bashing ‘90210’ Cast

Folks do different things when they are in financial difficulties, and Tori Spelling has chosen to sell out her friends and family. Saturday night on Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector, Spelling seemed to be most comfortable telling other people’s secrets, but she did not address why her father stiffed her of her inheritance. Now, Jason Priestly is asking why Spelling sold out his 90210 secrets for money.

The Inquisitr reported that Spelling had hit a new low, posing and fawning over host Louise Roe while she acted as if the gossip about 90210 was being dragged out of her. Between her crumbling marriage, her waning career, and being cheated out of an inheritance, Spelling seems to be in some serious trouble, but that was no reason to gossip about getting Shannen Doherty fired and outing Jason Priestley as someone she had sex with on the set of 90210. It all just feels very cheap to fans.

Yahoo is reporting that Jason Priestley was not pleased that Spelling disrespected the private lives of others, especially co-workers.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna get in so much trouble for this.”

Spelling told Louise Roe before she spilled details about Jason Priestley.

“It was a summer fling. It was off-set. It was our version of a summer romance. The 90210 version. And that was it, and we stayed great friends.”

When asked, Priestley said that he wants nothing to do with Spelling or the movie.

“Didn’t watch…” Another fan asked if he was curious to watch it, and he simply said, “Nope.”

When he was asked directly about sleeping with Spelling, he neither confirmed nor denied it, but tweeted, “I’m not getting into this… It’s nobody’s business… Either way…”

It also came out that Spelling allegedly sold Priestly’s wedding invitation at her yard sale.

E! Online says that Priestly wants nothing to do with Spelling or an unauthorized biography, but he has nothing but love for his 90210 experience.

“Following the airing of Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story, Priestley responded to tons of tweets from fans who were watching the made-for-TV film. Even though he decided not to watch it—he even wrote on Twitter that he was ‘hating on it’—Priestley decided to respond when one user asked him whether Spelling’s confession was true.”

“I’m only speaking with negativity about the Lifetime movie and Tori’s lie detector… Nothing but love for 90210,” he wrote.

Fox News claims that Spelling must be in a bad place to sell out people she considered friends, like Priestley and Shannen Doherty. She spoke at length about Doherty’s lack of professionalism, fist fighting with Jennie Garth.

“I felt like I was a part of something, a movement, that cost someone their livelihood,” Spelling said. “Was she a horrible person? No. She was one of the best friends I ever had.”

The Irish Independent says that Spelling called Doherty one of her “closest friends.” She also said that her father left her personally so little money because he assumed she would be fine without her inheritance. She also told presenter Louise Roe that she had forgiven her husband for cheating on her (she met him while he was still married to another woman).

Fans are wondering how much lower Spelling can get than going on television and telling other people’s secrets. Another tell-all perhaps?

Did you watch Tori Spelling’s special?

[Photo courtesy of Lifetime Television]