‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins Hits Hot Spot For Date, What’s The Latest On Filming? [Updated]

Ben Higgins is currently filming ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season, and fans cannot wait to see if he manages to find love. The Season 20 premiere will not come until Monday, January 4, but Reality Steve’s spoilers are dishing out some scoop as filming progresses this fall. What’s the latest from the spoiler guru?

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Ben Higgins is in the midst of filming Episode 4 of the new season. As is typical with the franchise, most of the action had been taking place in Los Angeles until now.

However, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that things have moved to Las Vegas, with at least one very interesting individual date happening there. While Steve initially thought just one date was taking place in Vegas, he has since updated his Bachelor spoilers to reflect that the whole episode is being filming there.

Fans will certainly be interested to see what kinds of additional locations are utilized this season, as the past couple of Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons have been fairly tame in terms of exotic locales. At this point, it’s not known where Ben and his ladies will travel for the upcoming dates.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have dished out a few bachelorette details so far, including the fact that twin sisters are vying for Higgins’ roses along with a couple of ladies from Chris Soules’ season. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers teased that both Becca Tilley and Amber James signed up for Season 20 and Us Magazine has since confirmed it.

While many suspected that Bachelor in Paradise star Tenley Molzahn might also pop up in this coming season, that seemingly is not going to happen. Ben and Tenley reportedly did a bit of flirting ahead of his departure for filming, tinkering with the idea of giving romance a shot.

However, nothing developed before Higgins left, and Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers have said that Tenley will not be on this new season. Molzahn has made it clear via social media that she’s not in California filming. While some may still ponder the idea of her showing up later, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen. In fact, Tenley has been in Denver, Colorado, quite a bit lately.

Though Denver is where Ben happens to live, it seems that Tenley has been spending time with other “Bachelor Nation” alums. Tenley was at a Broncos game with fellow Bachelor in Paradise star JJ Lane over the weekend, though she did add a hashtag indicating that the two are just friends. Tenley has also been spending time with the first Bachelorette, Trista Sutter.



As for the twins Reality Steve’s spoilers tease are on this upcoming season, he says they are Emily and Haley Ferguson from Las Vegas. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that they were cocktail waitresses in Vegas before filming and previously auditioned to be Lakers Girls.

The Ferguson twins also seemingly appeared on the reality TV show called Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team a while back. Show fans will probably guess that these two won’t last long in this upcoming season, but Steve haven’t dished out any Bachelor elimination spoilers quite yet.

Could someone like Becca Tilley or Amber James manage to snag Ben’s final rose this season? Could there be a fairy tale love story ahead this winter for fans to bring a lasting and happy ending unlike what viewers got with Chris Soules and Juan Pablo Galavis’ seasons? Just where will Ben and the ladies travel this fall for The Bachelor 2016 season?

Viewers are anxious to learn more, and Reality Steve’s spoilers will be breaking down the details over the coming weeks up through the final rose ceremony that is typically filmed shortly before Thanksgiving. ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season starring Ben Higgins and his bachelorettes debuts in January 2016, and fans cannot wait to get started with this one.

[Photo via The Bachelor Twitter]