Robyn Brown’s Ex Signs Adoption Papers On ‘Sister Wives’

Last night, Robyn Brown’s children got exciting news on the new episode of Sister Wives. The International Business Times shared that in the recent episode, Robyn’s ex-husband signed papers that will give Kody Brown the rights to adopt her three children from her previous marriage. Aurora, Dayton, and Breanna can now all become Brown’s, which is huge to these kids.

Their dad has not been very involved in their lives over the last few years. Robyn Brown has been married to Kody, and he is the one raising her children. At this time, if something was to happen to Robyn Brown, the kids would have to go back to their real father and would be taken away from the other Brown wives and children, who are now their family. By Kody Brown adopting them, they can now change their last name to Brown and also be with the family if something was to ever happen to their mother, Robyn.

Robyn shared that this doesn’t mean she is going to keep her kids away from their real father. If Robyn Brown’s children want to see them, then they are able to do that and also speak with him on the phone. Her oldest daughter, Aurora, actually called and talked to him on the phone to thank him for allowing Kody Brown to adopt them.

Robyn Brown and her mom

Aurora took the news great that Kody Brown would be adopting them. She actually called it a dream come true and can’t wait to become a Brown. However, Dayton and Breanna were not nearly as excited about the news. Both said that they are happy to become a Brown, but Aurora was in tears and they both seemed a little shocked. It looks like the idea of Kody Brown adopting them needs a minute to sink in and let them get used to it.

Robyn Brown also made sure that her children knew Meri Brown is the reason this can all happen. Meri had to legally divorce Kody and let him marry Robyn so that they could start the adoption process. She made the decision to do this and was okay with it, but Meri is still with Kody and feels like she is married to him even though it isn’t on paper.

Sister Wives
'Sister Wives'

The fact that Robyn Brown’s ex-husband signed the adoption papers doesn’t mean Kody will get to adopt them for sure. Now they have to go to court and figure it all out. The judge will have to be okay with the fact that the Brown family is a polygamist family and agree to let Kody adopt the kids. This is going to be another step they have to go through to get the kids adopted.

Kody Brown went to his Twitter feed during the new episode of Sister Wives to let everyone know what the kids thought about the adoption.

“Aurora, Dayton and Breanna thought Robyn’s X a hero for signing consent for me to adopt. #SisterWives”

Now viewers have to wait to see if Robyn and Kody Brown can finish the adoption. They have done a great job of keeping these spoilers from coming out. Viewers want to know if Kody Brown is now legally the father of these 3 children and hopefully it will come out soon on a new episode of Sister Wives.

Are you surprised to hear that Kody Brown and his wife, Robyn Brown, were able to get her ex to sign up on the papers? Do you think that Kody has already adopted the children? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about this recent episode of Sister Wives.

[Picture Source Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Robyn Brown Twitter]