TNA News: TNA Stars Unhappy At 'Bound For Glory,' Half The Tickets Were Given For Free?

TNA Wrestling had its biggest event of the year last night, Bound for Glory. The PPV is usually a very fun show featuring major matches with all of your favorite TNA stars at the time. Every year, TNA hypes up the event as its WrestleMania. For TNA fans, the show is usually great. However, TNA has fallen on hard times lately. We have seen many TNA events with low attendance. Several pictures have hit the internet that show either a few hundred people or half an arena filled with fans.

They feared this would happen once again, so according to Ringside News, TNA was giving away free tickets for the show last night just to make sure the arena looked full for their biggest event. While it is unknown how many people were there for free, there are rumors claiming more people got in for free than for those who paid. Others say at least half got in for free. If the rumors are true, that would most likely offend several people who paid. It would also be obvious writing on the wall for TNA's future.

On top of this, TNA talent were upset as well.

According to PWInsider, TNA gave away VIP tickets that included a ton of perks. Basically, the VIP experience allowed for lunch with the wrestlers, a backstage tour with TNA President Dixie Carter, and more. TNA talent were said to be very unhappy about it. One major issue started when fans began to eat the catering there for just the wrestlers. While lunch was included for people, it seems that management didn't tell the talent about the VIPs, which is most likely why the wrestlers were more irritated than they normally would have been.

EC3 Champ

Despite this, the talent were not said to have been rude or horrible to the fans. It appears that they allowed the fans whatever they wanted, but that does not mean they were happy about it.

Many believe this was TNA trying to do something drastic for fans. Whether it was done in that context or not isn't yet known. However, it would not surprise most people.

Impact Wrestling has a TV deal with Destination America that will take them through February 2016. Incidentally, this is the time that both Matt and Jeff Hardy's deals with TNA come up. TNA is not signing anyone to a contract and only doing things on a per-date basis. The reason for this is because TNA is trying to cut costs. Everyone under their banner with a deal will not get one when the deal expires.

Hardy party

This opens things up for talent to jump to other companies. Matt Hardy won his first TNA World Heavyweight Championship last night at TNA Bound for Glory. While this was great for TNA and Hardy fans, the issue is that Matt will most likely drop the title before too long. Even if he holds it until February, everyone will know TNA only gave him the championship in hopes he and Jeff would stay. Most believe that if Jeff Hardy was healthy, TNA would have thrown the title on him.

TNA has a history of giving titles to people with expiring deals in hopes that they will stay. From Bobby Roode and Christian to AJ Styles, everyone seems to get one when the time for their deal to end comes about. The problem here is that TNA isn't signing anyone up after their deals are up.

If both Hardy brothers leave, TNA will be in a terrible position. They will have lost two major stars. On top of this, Kurt Angle will be gone at the first of the year as well. In addition to those three, we have to look at the countless others like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Chris Daniels who left. TNA will have a tough time getting another television deal, especially a good one, if they have no major stars to speak of. Which looks to be the case by early 2016.

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